Interested in seeing what our students at Chabot have been up to this Fall?

Take a look at some of these excerpts!


Writing about an Imaginary Walk in the Forest

When I was walking in an imaginary forest I saw a giant tree. I have 40 people in my class and everybody couldn’t even fit around it! Wow! Then I went on a path – it was spooky and dark. I was frightened. After I was walking for a while I saw a shiny gold  jeweled key. I picked it up and put it in my pocket...


after-school at Chabot
Anna & Molly


Free-write: “A Day in the Life of a Window Washer”

To-do list

1. Eat breakfast of corn and syrup

2. Go to Chrysler Building

3. Clean bird poop of Miss Salmon’s window

4. At least get to the 5th floor without acting scared of heights

5. Be sure to check safety band at every step.

6. Make that every half-step...



Write about a dream or a nightmare of an ordinary object: TV remote

I gasped as I was shoved into the corner of the couch. I was pushed down into it for a very long time. It didn’t matter because my boyfriend, Seri, was shoved next to me. We had a quick kiss before I was yanked up. I groaned as my owner, Jhon, jabbed hi grubby fingers onto my buttons.


after-school at Chabot




Write about a dream or a nightmare of an ordinary object: fork

To-do list

1. Go and get a cookie and milk

2. Go to the gym so I can fit into Uncle Spoon’s house to eat all of the good food on Thanksgiving

3. Go home and take a  nap

4. Call Uncle Spoon up to make Thanksgiving dinner at his house is still on. No? he said it wasn’t? No! My workout going to waste!

5. Wake up and tell myself it was only a dream


after-school at Chabot




Writing about an Imaginary Walk in the Forest

The fence is at the same time shiny and new. It’s just short enough for me to jump over. Over the fence there was field full of fresh baked eclairs. I picked one up and ate it.


after-school at Chabot


after-school Chabot


after-school Chabot

Sara & Tony