This Fall at Crocker Highlands, we are creating our own short novels using curriculum from National Novel Writing Month's Young Writers Program (you can find out more about this awesome program at

The students have been busy creating their main characters, supporting characters, and villains -- complete with juicy details and drawings of each.

Here's a quick look at some of these characters (in the words of the young writers).

Grace describes her villain's physical appearance as: "Red eyes, thin blue fur, purple lips, mustache, green ears, and devil horns." The one secret that her villain has never told anyone: "She sleeps with a blanket."

TMWFI creative writing student

This is Grace.

In Seiji's story, the two main characters are both 12-year-old boys named Zackary and Thunder. Seiji writes that for fun, "Zackary plays soccer, and Thunder reads, does math, and does homework on weekends. They both like pizza and scary movies."

Leo's main character is Turdley, "an awesome turtle." Leo describes him as "he has a mustache and an engine Jet Pack, is green and weighs 2 1/2 pounds. He lives on a Fly Board in a mansion in the Bay Area and loves it."

creative writing students

Leo (left) and Seiji (right)

Cameron describes her villain, Siddysuehoo, as "looks like a toddler that wears too small diapers and has a beard and long hair." Siddysuehoo's greatest weaknesses are "pick axes, lumber jacks and ballerinas."

In Sydney's story, her three main characters are all mermaids. She writes that "one looks like a brown-skinned girl with blond hair who is as skinny as a piece of paper; one has white skin with red hair and purple eyes and a tail with wings; the other one is normal."

TMWFI creative writing students

Sydney (left) and Cameron (right)

And Gitanjali's story has two main characters: Sudama and Krishna. Gitanjali writes that "Krishna is blue, with thick curly black hair even though he is a boy. Sudama is Krishna's friend, 120 pounds and 6 feet tall. Sudama always wears a red hat." (Photo not available for Gitanjali)