At Havens we had all sorts of writing adventures. Here are some of them:



Compose a Metaphor

The moon is a big white rat sleeping in a ball.


after-school classAngela

Compose a Poem about your family using metaphors.

My mom is the changing sky from gray to blue

My dad is the funky balloon that floats next to me

My brother is the sour lemon that turns into sweet lemonade

One of my sisters is the American Flag that we need to respect but it floats around freely

The other sister is pictures on photo booth that have weird faces

My grandma is the warm blanket that you can hug

My grandpa is the wooden chair that is stable and holds you up

My house is the blanket that wraps around the sun

My family is the bundles of flowers that sometimes dry up or loose petals,

but always bloom in the sun.



Compose a Metaphor.

My mom and dad are helpful like a huge library giving me knowledge.



We learned about the ancient poetic form of praise: the Ode. 

student writing workOde to Sleep



plays its game,

it follows you

to bed, it strikes at night

to its game it seems to

work every night. But at

morning if you try to

catch it, it has already

snuck away.



"I Am From" Poem. Describe where you are "from" using memories, colors, textures, smells, etc.

I am from a rainbow up high

I am from beautiful spring flowers

I am from sweet soft fruit

I am from a soft warm blanket

I am from sweet candy

I am from good food

I am from a soft comfy bed

But most of all I am from a cozy, funny, loving family.



We learned about the ancient poetic form of praise: the Ode.

Ode to Jellybeans

I love the sweet taste

of jellybeans the nice

way they feel inside

your mouth

I really like the red ones.

The pink taste just fine,

the orange delicious and

blue spectacular

All the jellybeans more and more

Rootbeer, bubblegum, licorice, too.

All of them swirling, twirling in my eyes.



Compose a Metaphor.

The moon is like burnt marshmallow with cheese.

Sadness is like an ogre that is mutated and weighs as much as twenty elephants.



"I Am From" Poem 

I am from the living room watching The Simpsons

I am from the freezer full of ice cream

I am from outside on my BMX

I am from the dirt courses doing tricks

I am from the rush of the water ride at Legoland on my birthday

I am from the snowboard riding on the white hill with my uncle

I am from a good life.


writing studentsMadeline

Compose a Metaphor.

Hufflepuff (a stuffed animal) is a threadbare couch

Stuffed full with kindness, patience, loyalty

Secure and warm

With sunlight streaming in

A fresh cooked meal

Just waiting to be wanted.


writing studentMargaret

Writing prompt: I reached into my pocket and found…

I reached into my pocket and found an orange, and yellow rock. It reminded me of the sun, the bright powerful sun that shines over us.



Compose a poem about your family using metaphors.

writing studentMy dad is the glowing beam that flies above my head

My mom is the Easter egg of my life

My two brothers are small stars always protecting me

and my little sister is the tail of my family.



Start your story with the line, "One day I received a mysterious letter…"

Once upon a time I got a mysterious letter and when I opened it a big flash of light and a loud voice screamed,"TACO TIME!"


My jaw dropped. Then I heard a loud crash and I saw a huge flash of light and a giant portal opened up, so I stuffed my tacos and sour patch ice cream in a briefcase and jumped into the portal.



Writing Prompt: I reached into my pocket and found…

I reached into my pocket and found a cloth and the cloth was folded. I unfolded it and it took a long time to unfold. I found a dress. A magic dress.