Being Young

I still remember the younger digits -

Having my blanket,

Sucking on my pacifier,

Sleeping by the fireplace.

I also remember the accidents Falling down the looooong stairs Bumping my head Knocking over furniture

Those days are forever left behind- Now I have big grades Preparation for Colossal middle school I shall never forget the second I turned ten 6:02:59 AM Still awake Counting the endless seconds 6:03:00 AM I'm a whole new person I feel good But I still miss those days when I could be cuddled- Having a sippy cup, Eating and spilling tofu mash (yummy!), Homemade baby food, Rocking crib, Thinking a regular cup was a sippy cup and getting water in my nose First time trying noodles Putting a rubber duckie into the bathtub to test for sharks Those memories never to happen again

-Andrew, Sloat Elementary