Students in our after-school and community classes are exploring all the different ways writers generate ideas, and put captivating words on the page.

Here are writing excerpts and some photos of our young authors working with instructor, Emily Phillips at Beach Elementary in Piedmont:


By Mikey:

Beach_Mikey Limerick

There once was a man named Rezon.

His will was to free a bad con.

He set out by car

And traveled very far

But got distracted and watched Tron.


By Azul:

Beach_Azul Limerick

There once was a girl named Lu

Who swam in the ocean blue.

A shark came up

So she beat him up

And threw him to Timbuktu


By David:

Beach_David Limerick

 There once was an old man named Rob,

who had a friend named Screaming Bob.

They went to a park

and had so much fun.

When they left, they began to sob.


By Gabby:

The Opposite World

Long ago people did things differently. They would start off the day with a bowl of TV while watching cereal. Then they would get groceries so they could buy money. They would go to the park to swing on the slide and slide down the swing. Then they would play fetch with the cat and give dog-nip to the dog. Then they would go to the bathroom in the bed and go to sleep in the toilet.

By Griffen:

I don’t know what happens underground, but I suspect that they have a tri-species party (unicorn, leprechaun, troll) and they do the hustle till they pass out drunk, but if there is an earthquake everyone retreats to the bunkers and they resume the party on twitter.


By Jack:

Brussels Sprouts

The first time I tried it I ate it really, really fast. So fast I thought it didn’t have a taste, but then came the kickback. The second time I tried it, it was a kind of paste like thing on a cracker. When I heard it was Brussels sprouts, I immediately started rubbing my tongue on my sweatshirt.

By TH:

Beach_TH There once was a dragon named Joe.

He had always been filled with woe.

He went to Zion

And ate a lion,

Said, “Tasty, I’ll have a HO-HO!”