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By Katrina

I am from…

I am from loud brothers and sisters

I am from the vibrate of my phone

I am from fainting from blood

I am from my very weird/odd family

I am from the alarm in the morning

I am from my dog barking when I walk in the door

I am from my cat purring whenever I pet him

I am from county, pop, and rap music

I am from my friends cheering me up!

I am from gymnastics

I am from cheerleading

I am from soft ball

I am from my first upside down roller coaster

I am from King’s Dominion

I am from Ocean City

I am from snowboarding

I am from the Washington Redskins

I am from the Florida Gators


By Jessica

I remember…

I remember not fitting in, no one noticed me.

I remember watching the Titanic, hearing the bed creak as we wept.

I remember the lies that had been told to me, hearing the waves crashing against the shore, with my feet sinking into the sand.

I remember the forts I made.

I remember being the Indian with the teepee that collapsed on me while I was in it.

I remember Halloween night, the dark rose above. Hearing the kids say Trick-or-Treat.

I remember, “No, Jason, that’s the funny man”.

I remember,  “Jason. Jason.  JASON. We all have spoons.”

I remember fake sleepovers.

I remember getting locked in the car while everyone was at lunch, crying so hard that I didn’t have anything left.

I remember my first famous person concert at a nice place. 

I remember story telling, gossiping, and pranking until 2 in the morning with one of my BFFs.

I remember loud noises everyone made.

I remember telling baby stories at a sleep over.

I remember running around the room saying, “Doh” in kindergarten.

I remember getting lost in Disney World.

I remember, “Don’t touch this..that…NO not that, that.”

I remember the day I thought Dad and Sam were joking about missing my birthday.

I remember hilarious times at the old lunch table.

I remember soccer ball, basketball.

I remember not having a birthday party for three years.

I remember when it hit me, my sister was at college.

I remember our favorite song, then you grew up.

I remember the old me.

I remember my Dad crying on stage.

I remember Brownie.


By Bailey

I am from the voices that only I can hear.

I am from their screaming pounding in my ear.

I am from the stories that keep me up at night.

I am from the purring that makes me feel all right.

I am from the knocking that brings new games each beat.

I am from the blades that keep me on my feet.

I am from Ah La Crepes that I can eat and eat.

I am from the pictures that keep me on my chair.

I am from the music that plays when I’m not there.


By Emily

I like the number 2 because 2 + 2 = 22

I like the number 12 because that’s how many kids are in my writing class

I like the number 4 because 4 cookies and pieces of pie are better than ice cream

I like the number 83 because nobody thinks about it.  It’s quiet. Just like the way traffic should be.


By Lyana

I am from me, myself, and I.

I am from my humorous family and a crazy dog.

I am from my annoying brother or should I say “bother”, and

I am from the competitive water.

I am from the bees knees, and

From a girl who doesn’t like to say, “please”.

I am from a tom boy and Chips Ahoy.

I am from a creative artist.

I am from fantasies.

I am from animals but not baboons.

You might as well say, I come from buffoons.

I am from birds that love to sing.

I am from a person that keeps losing her things.

I am from a great life, the greatest one of all.

And from a writing group created by Sondra Hall.


By Tom

I remember my brother yelling out, “I’m Spider Man!”

I remember a green spider at my friend’s house.

I remember my brother reading me books upside down.

I remember having balloon wars with my friends.

I remember  Santa stomping on the roof.

I remember picture day at pre-school and saying, “Bubbles”.

I remember building igloos and my brother saying , “You’re not old enough”.

I remember warm pancakes in the morning.

I remember singing songs, and apostrophes in the 2nd grade.

I remember playing  tag at lunch.


By Tommy

I remember I was four when I went Trick or Treating.

I remember I got a lot of candy from Trick or Treating.

I remember the older kids usually scaring me with their costumes.

I remember the first time on a roller coaster. I was really scared.

I remember going to Oakton the first time. I was shy.

I remember getting my X-box.

I remember playing laser tag, and I lost.

I remember going to Las Vegas. I saw lots of people.

I remember playing paint ball.

I remember the 4th of July last year, so many fireworks.


By Tess

(in response to “Where Did It Come From and What Is It For?” looking at a lemon zester)

How many times have you had to write something but you didn’t have a pencil? Well that will never happen again with this new tech. It is a bluock.  It holds your pencils.  The little holes are where you stick the lead. You can fill all the holes or just a few.  There is also a little hole where you can put your belt though, as long as it’s small.  And I mean TINY! But, don’t let that minor set back keep you from ordering your own.  If you do have a small belt, you can have pencils wherever you go.  Although we cannot promise you your pencils will stay.  Brought  to you by Things You Will Never Need and Won’t Work Anyway.  This is worth $1 but we’re giving it to you for just $19.99.  Warning: Must be 18 or older to order.


By Kira

(in response to “Where Did It Come From and What Is It For?” looking at an onion fork)

The hair braider is amazing! You thread the hair through and twist. It even has a hair cutter.  You thread your hair through and move it back and forth.  Or you can just brush your hair.  If you push hard enough, you can shave. Yay! Viewer discretion is advised.