Ode to Jolly Ranchers, by Luke
I love you Jolly Ranchers.
You bring your wild flavor to my mouth,
Even though I don't know what it is. 
When you plop onto my tongue,
My taste buds run right to you. 
You last forever in my stomach. 
I shall never, ever let you go. 
You are so smooth and yet so bumpy, 
I fall to my knees before you. 
Jolly Ranchers, you are my hero. 

Ode to Nerds, by Pearce
Oh Nerds, you are so small. 
You are like a dream come true.
Oh Nerds, you are so cool.
Please, Nerds, take over the world.
You make parties in my mouth and all over the world!
Oh Nerds, there's nothing tastier than you. 

Ode to Stinky, Salty Cheese, by Marco
Its smooth, silky sensation
Rocks my mouthbuds.
It can be so good,
It can cure any sickness.
It will launch you to the moon
With one salty lick.

Onomatopeia & Alliteration

Sushi, by DJ
Squish is the sound it makes when I eat it.
Munch is what happens when I chew. 
Swish is the sound of me spitting it out. 
Bonk is what happens when I hit my head trying to run away. 
I hate sushi!

Avocados, by Oliver
The awful otter ate the avocados in awe. 

Cheese Broccoli, by Max
The chipmunk had chunky chocolate crackers with his cheese broccoli. 

Recipe of Me

Recipe of Morgan

• 8 cups of soccer
• 7 ounces of very dark brown hair
• 1 gallon of personality
• 3 gallons of having fun

Instructions: Mix soccer with having fun and pour in very dark hair. Stir together with personality. Bake in the oven for five minutes at 250 degrees.


Ick, by Jordan
This is a story about Ick the red bean soup. Ick smells so bad he tries to run away from himself. He likes to sing, but he knows he's really bad at it. Every day, Ick jogs around his bowl in Bowltown, even though he's as slow as a snail. Ick has skin which is as red as blood and a lot of big bumps that look like acne. He also has black specks that I think are hair, but I can't be sure. 

One day, Ick was jogging around his bowl when he slipped and fell onto the floor. He realized he didn't know how to get back to Bowltown, so he started to walk. A few hours later, he saw a chair and climbed onto a table. He was surrounded by dishes and realized he must be in Bowlsville. Since he was tired, he decided to stay...

The Five Senses

If Pasta Ruled the World, by Alex
Darren Black was a guy who loved pasta. Then one day, pasta started ruling the world.

"This is totally awesome!" said Darren. But all of a sudden, pasta became that evil villain. It turned the humans of Earth into slaves. A group of humans escaped to the underground, however, and formed a rebellion. Darren joined it, and his weapon of choice was a fork and knife.

"I've got that one," whispered Darren. He speared a piece of ravioli, cut it, and ate it. "That was tasty," Darren said. "All right, I have eyes on Emperor Tortellini." Darren began to chomp his way through the tortellini's bodyguards.

To be continued...

If Apples Ruled the World, by Marley
If apples ruled the world, things would be very different. Houses would be hollowed out apples. Instead of rain, apple juice would fall from the sky. There would be apple lightning and apple skin clouds instead of thunder. Pets would have apple skin collars, and breakfast, lunch and dinner would all be apples. No one would have braces because it's hard to eat apples with braces. The White House would be the Apple House.

All of a sudden, I woke up. "THAT WAS THE BEST DREAM EVER!" I shouted. Oops. I had forgotten about my brother, who came in looking like a cat in water. Thank goodness our parents were still asleep. I quickly ate an apple slice and smiled.