Take heed! If you follow Emma's recipe for becoming invisible you'll also need her recipe for becoming visible again!

Recipe For Invisibility

Ingredients: 3 gallons filtered water 1 8x8 foot glass pane 1 pound of snow from Antarctica of exactly 78°S, 35°E Latitude and Longitude collected at 8:13 pm on August 13 in a year that begins with 8 and ends with 13. Egg whites form 6 eggs (raw)

Tools: 1 brick 2 large pots of cauldrons Torches

Procedure: Pour the filtered water into one large pot or cauldron. Crush the glass with the brick until it is a fine powder. Then, put it all in the pot or cauldron with the water. Pout in the egg whites, too...Put the snow in the other large pot or cauldron. Attach the torches to the inside of the one with the snow, six inches above the snow level. Leave for 13 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 13 seconds. then, remove the torches and put the snow in the other large pot or cauldron. Let the mixture sit for 1 day and one night exactly. Then put in a refrigerator for exactly one month. Under a full moon, at 12:00 am, pour all over yourself. You will turn invisible. Caution: the recipe for visibility, which is the only cure for invisibility, is hidden in a cave that doesn't exist, in a mountain that isn't really guarded by guards that aren't really there.

Recipe For Visibility (Found in a cave that doesn't exist, in a mountain that isn't real, guarded by guards that aren't really there)

Ingredients: 1 large stone 1 10x10 piece of iron 1 block of concrete 1 antique mahogany table 1 can of black paint 1 gallon milk

Tools: 1 pickaxe Electric saw 1 large pot or cauldron Fire Freezer

Procedure: Attack the stone with with the pickaxe until the stone becomes a fine dust. Melt the iron down and mix it with the dust in the large pot of cauldron. Do the same with the concrete. Pour in the milk-stir 13 times. Open the paint and pour in 1/8 every day for 8 days, at exactly 13:08 (1:08 pm.) then, cut the mahogany table into planks with the electric saw and soak them in the mixture for exactly 8 days, 8 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds exactly. Then take out the planks. Mix 13.8 times. Put the mixture in the freezer for 1.138 days. Defrost over the fire for 8.13 days ans stir 8 times. At 12:00 pm on the summer solstice pour all over yourself. You will become visible again. Caution: please do not try to steal any more important files or priceless artifacts. People can now see you, and you will be punished.

-Emma, Grattan Elementary