This Fall at Redwood Heights, our curriculum is focused on Dreams. We are exploring all interpretations of "dreams", including the ones we have when we sleep, as well as the ones that are wishes and hopes for our future and for the world. 


We had fun investigating the concept of symbology, and considering what different objects might symbolize in our night time dreams. In one exercise, I asked the students to imagine walking through the woods and write about different objects they encounter, such as a path, a fence, and a field. Each of these objects then had a loose interpretation as a symbol for something else. In our exercise, the field symbolized things unseen and unknown.


Here's how Alex described the field that he imagined: "I see an expansive field full of exotic animals and fruits. There is a sign that says Welcome to the Fields of Destiny, and under that there is small writing that reads Be careful which fruit you eat or which animal you kill; doing either could kill you, transport you home, give you fame, make you a billionaire, give you superpowers, or any combination of these symptoms. Eat at your own risk!'' 



In another exercise, I asked the students to think about what the following objects might symbolize in dreams: a crown, red eyes, fire, and a bird flying in front of them. Here's what Nathan came up with: "If I dreamed about a crown I think it would mean that I have a bright future. If I put on the crown I think that would mean that I would be proud about something. If the crown had two red eyes I think that would mean that I have a very lively future. If the crown caught on fire and produced a flock of birds that followed me, I think that would mean that my future would hold a lot of surprises."


Tatiana (left) and Nathan (right)


Another day I asked the kids to create an acrostic using the word DREAM. 


Here's what Maddie wrote:


D aytime or night

R ealistic or not

E nough for everyone

A lways

M orphing



Reilly (left) and Maddie (right)


And Eli came up with:


D umb zombies ate cheese 

R ampaging

E lephants flew around on WWII

A ircrafts and drop

M ozzarella bombs on soldiers.





Here are most of our other students hard at work! (Not pictured: Calem)



Lou (left) and Jackton (right)


Josie (left) and Jamon (right)