Odes to Food

“Everthing was lasagna, lasagna everywhere dripping like rain.”



“A crunchy goodness/a wave of taste/a plate of flavor/as big as a mountain of deliciousness/it explodes in crumbs…”

- Ben

“Crispy crunchy/crackles crisply/fried as perfect…delicious when you bite it/on the inside/and out.”


Zoe, Asher, and Hana


“Once there was a man and he was name was Candyman. His friend was coconut man…the were walking and fell into a hole. Candyman said, ‘I think we are in the gutter…’”

- Noe  


“Alice apple and Huny the Cake were best friends, they met at the bakery. They always had lunch together. Whenever they were sick they took care of each other.”


“Ginny Gummybear is a yellow gummy bear with blond hair that she usually wears down. She always wears yellow pants and yellow shirts.”

- Lilo

Recipes of Me

“14 oz Noise, 10 lbs concentration, 15 kg Adventure…stir caution and adventure together for 30 seconds and cook.”

- Niall  

Niall and Ben

Similes + Metaphors

“Fudge looks like a hot melted nightmare. Jello looks like a colored skating rink.”

- Zoe


“I hate peppers. The texture is mushy, sometimes hard, lots of seeds…ewwww! It smells horrible like mold.”

- Alisa

Lilo and Alisa