Recipe of Me by Alyssa

1. Get out your bowl and put in 50,000 gallons of fun.

2. Then put in 25 pints of milk.

3. Get your spoon and stir it. It should look like fun mixed with milk.

4. Put in 10 pounds of push pops.

5. Mix in 1,000,000 tons of animals.

6. Put in 0 ounces of math and 0 ounces of homework.

7. Then you are finished!


Ode to Ice Cream by Jihae

Ice cream is delicious

its flavors are natural

but never would I eat potato or tomato

not even fatato

those ice creams sound impossible, unbearable, ineatable

Although...I do like strawberry, rainbow sherbert, and bubblegum

and these flavors are...stupendous and great, cool and creative

and what more could you say

because I love ice cream!


Food Fright by Heidi

I do not like brussel sprouts cus they taste like salt and they are stale. They also look like a ball of snot, so when my dad served it I screamed soooo loud I almost threw up. Then I lost my voice and so I will never eat brussel sprouts again.


Similes and Metaphors by Jack

Fudge is the most friendly thing to the taste bud itself. It looks like a lake of chocolate as bright as the sun. It comes in every shape and size. It is the perfect topping for all foods, fudge.

Jello looks like a solid sunset.

Broccoli looks like a bright tree that just sprouted from the ground. It tastes like all the four leaf clovers in Ireland.


Ode to Pie by Amy

Oh pie, pie, pie

I love you so much

Perfect crust

Perfect filling

Perfect taste

Perfect everything


I love your sweet smell

It's like wonderful things

Smells like perfect pie


You suit best with ice cream

or just cream

Tastes well like that

Looks best like that

Like the shining star.


Ode to Water by Madeline


you refresh me

you cool me down

even when I'm not at the relays

held tight in my bottle

never to drip of it's own


unless I dump it out

Madeline and Lucy

Recipe of Me by Lucy

1. Mix 5 cups of friends with 1.5 gallons of labradoodles until smooth.

2. Slowly add 1 gallon of soccer.

3. After soccer has been added, stir in 8 cups of climbing trees.

4. Add 5 cups of friends and whisk for a decade.

5. Stick in oven for 2 hours.

Serves 4 people.

Personification by Luke

Carl is a corn chip who was abandoned at a Mexican family reunion, surprisingly in Canada. He then went to work for the C.I.A. Corn chip Intelligence Association, but then discovered it was too intense for a corn chip like him. He then auditioned to be Mary Poppins in a Broadway play. He got booed so badly he forgot what the words good and show meant. When he was 297, he was awarded the oldest corn chip alive. He later went to Vegas and went broke. He went to his old friend Sally Celery. She also went to Vegas and won every slot she played. But she still ended up broke because Carl stole her money. Later he just sat in a hotel for half an hour and then he went into hibernation.


Similes and Metaphors by Cassia

Avocado looks as slimy as a slug. It has a toxic green color. It tastes like cricket guts. It poisons my tastebuds.

Jello is as cool and fruit as a gummy bear.