Tom - Personification

Once there was a clock, hanging on the wall of a clock shop in Denver. One day the shop owner tried to fix the clock because it was broken. The shop owner took a hammer and opened the clock, but a spring flew out and hit the shop owner in the eye. The shop owner got so mad that he crushed the clock with his hammer. That was the end of the clock. 

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Dylan - Freewrite

I don't know what goes on under the ground but I suspect dead, stupid, deranged, angry zombie cows kill dragons with "49ers" written on their backs. I bet the dragons with the 49ers on their backs go deeper. Then the dragons with "49ers" on their back turn into flying, killing zombie pigs and the flying, killing zombie pigs watch the Superbowl.

Hannah - Secret Poem

My secret is made from the purest of gold, the whitest of pearls and the deepest of water.

I found it lying on my bed in the winter, sleeping on my pillow.

This secret can destroy my dog, it can split the sun and shoot lasers from the sky.

If I lost this secret I would crack the air and I would hide with my dog at the midnights of Taco Tuesday. 

Emma - I Remember

I remember

being locked in my brother's room,

he and his friends were laughing

I remember 

hoping for that one 


I remember

being too scared to even try

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Andrea - I Remember

I remember when my brother took a tooth out with a sock that was dirty.

I remember when I accidentally took a one hundred dollar bill from my uncle.

I remember when my little cousin was born. I remember that they wouldn't let me in the room to see him.

I remember when I played for a team called The Golden Stars.

I remember my first day in this school. I was really shy.

I remember when my whole entire family went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

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Zoe - Free Association Word Exchange Story

One time there was a dynamite explosion in Canada. It happened because a man was trying to catch some fish for his dinner. When he got home, he saw a red dragon with sparkles coming out of it around his neighborhood. It looked like it belonged in a Chinese New Year parade. 

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Ari - What would I bring to outer space

X Box 360, TV, PS3, 200 Video Games, Arcade Games, Air Hockey, iPads, iPhones, iPods, Androids, Videos, CD's, 3 Helicopters, 10 Fighter Jets, 6 Monorail Systems, 1 King Size bed, 3 cats, 2 dogs

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