Just like our Chabot Elementary students, our students at Thornhill Elementary have been busy following the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) curriculum as well. They will be composing an original novel by Christmas.

Here is a peek at what they've been up to including a very brief synopsis of their work in progress:

Helen, Charlie, and Lauren

Helen: Tim is sixteen and he has a wand and lives in a house in space. He loves it there. For fun, he destroys robots. His friend Henry is a secret archer.

Charlie: Angh is 12 years old and he’s bald. He can be anything he wants to be. His favorite movie is Avatar. And he wants to go to Ba-Sinsay.

Lauren: Spot is a 17 year old horse who wants to find a magic wand. To get what she wants she has to go over the valley to the dumpster and then into the city to find it. Her biggest fear is losing her baby sister.

Gabby, Kira, and Hana

Gabby: Anna a 14 year old girl who is kinda goth. She is always a witch for Halloween. Her enemy is Amy who is also 14 years old and always wears pink, but Anna has help and gets advice from her friend T.P. who is a bunny.

Kira: Rose is a 5 year white and brown bunny who is small and cute. She eats popcorn and the other bunnies think it is disgusting. She wants to travel to the North Pole.

Hana: Emma is a white horse and she lives in a barn. She wants a pineapple from the North Pole. She is afraid of everything.


Justine, Norah, Makaylah, and Gianna

Justine: Katie is 11 years old with brown hair and greenish, bluish eyes. She has glasses that are green and she can change into an alien. She lives on an island that is close to different islands on a plant called Juto.

Norah: Sterishe a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 year old ghost. He is black and red. He lives in a bear filled cave. He loves to eat bacon and wishes he were alive.

Makayla: Jessica is 14 years old and she likes to read and her favorite food is cookies and wants nothing more than to travel the world. She needs to create a science project that will raise $3,000 dollars on her own.

Gianna: Athena is the Goddess of Love and has long black silky hair. She lives in Camp Half Blood. She likes pizza and fights with her sword for fun.

Sophie, Aiden, Kaitlyn, Rose, and Emily

Sophie: Joe is 11 years old and he’s a rat who lives under the school and does not like it there. Joe would like to make a world out of cheese so he can eat it. His worst fear are bananas.

Aidan: Annie is 9 years old and has long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and loves cheese. She needs to go on a journey to the Lake of Hope to get anything she wants and she is afraid of The Haunted Valley.     

Kaitlyn: Pinky is a day-old mouse and was adopted by a family of pandas. She is so small that she is the size of your finger. She lives in a house in the sky.

Rose: Zoe is a 15 year old rat who is very muscular and popular and lives in a mansion with her boyfriend who wants to learn magic and fly.

Emily: Bob is a 10 year old mouse. He is a runt and he is blue and purple and can change colors. His favorite movie is called, Attack of the Cat! He wants to fly more than anything else in the world and cheese makes him happy after a bad day.

Izayah, Madison, Leah, and Rachel

Izayah: Zee is 12 years old and always wears gloves even on a hot day. He has an average height of 6 foot 4 inches and has a small angular face with freckles. He wears a silver bracelet from his unknown parents. He wants to find out more about his parents and where to find them. 

Madison: Niki is a 10 years old and she has many freckles and is tan. She owns 60 acres of land and there are trails so she has plenty of room to explore and imagine. She can find an adventure in any bad situation.

Leah: Mr. Pickle is 3 years old and lives in the back of the refrigerator with his friend Mr. Cucumber. He is yellow and orange striped and is bald. He likes living in the fridge because he feels refreshed.

Rachel: Mr. Cucumber is 3 years old and lives in the back of the fridge with his friend Mr. Pickle. Mr. Cucumber wants to open the fridge and explore the house while the humans are on vacation, but it won’t be easy because of The Cat who eats everything.

Emma (not pictured): Parsley is a newborn bunny with white fur and red eyes. Parsley wants more than anything in the whole world is really, really, really, really fat and so lives in an XXXXXX-large big cage.