In this writing activity, we asked members of our Next Chapter Club to use personalization to create a clock character who decides that he’s/she’s tired of keeping time.  Below is a unique story written by Charlotte:

"I moaned with agony as the kindergardeners shrieked.

I could not stand these children. Always screaming, and their teacher would just put in ear plugs and sip her coffee.

No one ever thought of me. I mean, I'm just a clock fairy. You know, the little creature that makes the hands spin on clocks? But they thought I was the clock. Nothing more. And people tend not to care about the hearing of inanimate objects.

One day, I just snapped. The children were screaming their lungs out during Free Time, while the teacher just sat there at her laptop, ear plugs firmly wedged in place.

And I decided I couldn't stand another second. I stopped turning the hands, and kept it that way until the janitor took my clock down. And I had another stroke of luck-- the fairy in the fifth-grade classroom was being promoted to a clock at a basketball stadium, and I moved into that clock.

And I lived happily ever after."