Here are some writing excerpts and photos from students working with instructor Ben Wilkins at our far-flung outpost in Oakton, Virginia.

In our Six Word Story exercise, the goal was to imply a whole story with a beginning, middle, and end, in just six words.  Here are a few samples that could almost go together:

By Bailey

Help me now because God won't.

By Erin

Scary murderer chasing me. No! AHHHHHH!

By Tristan

The beast broke out: none survived.

  Bailey and Tristan

Secret Poetry

By Aida

My secret is made from

the sweetest fluff,

melting chocolate everwhere,

sugar pouring on it.

You take a bite of the sweetest thing.

If I lost this secret, 

my parents would cry with joy.


By Jason

A triangular prism staring in the night

Hard to follow its lazy light

It has been hidden far far away

It's secret hidden since then

People stare its prism hairs

People run away from its bears

The secret stamp has been pealed

The secret of the prism has finally been revealed

  Jason and Bayan

By Lyana

A face which mine is not

Hidden behind something genuine

Fall in love with me

But "me" is not who you look at and love.

Pull off a smell

Underneath it's

I can't breathe.


Don't pull it off

You'll find someone you see only in your nightmares

I'll see you again soon


  Erin and Lyana

...And an excerpt from the story "Jimmy and the Bellybutton" 

by Bayan

There was once a boy named Jimmy Joe.  One day, while he was taking a shower, he learned that if he pressed his bellybutton he could turn invisible.  He also learned that when he was invisible, if he touched anything it would turn invisible too...