Patrick, one of our Sloat Poetry Residency alumni, submitted one of his pieces from the residency to a contest and won! We are pleased and proud to reprint his poem here. Questions

Is rain the tears of god?

And why hasn’t god been crying lately, there is so much to cry about?

Why don’t fish go to preeschool,

and learn how to share?

Why do some kids hate preeschool?

And why do some of the smartest people on the planet have few friends?

Why is there so much discrimination in the world?

Why can’t people that are so much the same yet so different be friends?

Why do people be unkind to people only slightly different than themselves?

Why can’t people be friends?

Why can’t I spell freainds right?

Why do people have to yell to be heard as a whisper?

If I were to ask the man on the moon why he is so silent would he answer?

Why do I say what I write in my head as I write it?

Why Is the world so complex yet so simple?

What trigered the big bang?

What is Luck?

Why does the human race have such a major sweet-tooth?

Why is the human race never satisfied nor content?

Why does the earth greive when the sun goes down and dawns its black cloak?

Why do people get sick?

Why is it when I ask a question I get the answer no, more than yes?

By Patrick