Our students at Commodore Sloat Elementary are on an adventure with their pencil and paper. Take a look!

Nicholas explores memories with the writing activity, "I Remember".


I remember going to Las Vegas with my grandma and grandpa.

I remember when I met my first friend.

I remember the first time I made a snowman.

I remember the first time playing a wii.

I remember when my brother, Eric, was born.


Sawyer also tried his (rhyming) hand at "I Remember".


I remember when I didn’t like to rhyme,

It was 5 o’clock at the time.

My brothers were here and my momma was near.

I remember when we were at the stream.

We jumped and laughed all day as a team.

Then someone said let’s go eat lunch,

But it really was a great big brunch.

I remember when I read a book.

Then someone said, “why don’t you cook?”

I thought that was a great idea,

So I got up and said “See-ya.”

The class also explored personfication in writing and then selected an intriguing object to personify.

Kevin took on the character of a sword.


“Personification of a Sword” 

 I was swung by a man who I did not know. I remember just an hour ago, I was none other than plain steel. I remember getting thrown in the fire, and I remember the man shaping me in the fire so hot that I turned red and could bend so easily. I remember the man placing a clay handle on me. It was in the shape of a sword’s handle and it had come to my mind that I had now became a sword myself. I had just thought that the clay handle was my mind, the mind of a sword...

This class has a fondness for chickens. Julia wrote about a chicken, a pig and a pie in her personification piece.

Julia vahey

The Chicken 

Once upon a time there was a chicken. The chicken was fat. It smelled the pie that the farmer’s wife had just cooked and wanted pie. So, the chicken went to the ladder in the barn. The chicken pecked at the ladder and it fell on its head. “Ouch!” thought the chicken. “My head hurts.” Then, the farmer came in and said, “Oh no! My chicken.” The chicken wobbled around the barn for a minute. After that, it walked over to the window. The chicken smelled the pie. Soon the chicken had a plan. “Pig, want some pie?” Chicken called out. Pig came quickly and they discussed the plan. Chicken and pig went ot the window. Pig stood next to the wall. Chicken backed up. Chicken ran, then using the pig as a springboard bounced through the window and next to the pie. Chicken pushed the pie out the window. “Ahhhhh!” cried the pie. Chicken jumped out the window and chicken and pig ran away and never came back again for they feared the talking pie.”

Andrew personified a familiar object - paper!


“A Day on the Life of a Paper” by Andrew Cheng

“Aahh!” Someone grabbed me. I think it was the last day of my life.

“HELP ME!” Finally, a human put me down.

“A talking paper! Cool! I’m, going to take you home,”

“NO!” I said.

“Fine,” The human put me down,

“Can I draw on you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then I will.” He began to draw on me,

“Ahhhhhhhh!” A serious pain went up through me.

The next thing I knew, I was dead.

 Julian personified the swing.


“The Swing” 

 Once upon a time there was a swing. The swing really like to move. Every day the swing said “I will move around a lot.” Once, he swung so high that he went upside down and he wasn’t even scared. After he moved around a lot he always talked to the swing next to him. Now this swing was very, very, very lazy. He always watched T.V. and ate 10 bags of cheetos. The other swing that was not lazy always said to the lazy swing “Why are you so lazy?” The other swing said “I don’t know.” Then one day the swing that was not lazy said “Please, lazy swing, please swing with me.” The lazy swing thought for a moment. The he started swinging in action. Then, the swings spent the day swinging.”

Jason used a poultry theme in this free write.


“The Chicken that Can Talk, Plus Dance”

Once upon a time, there was a

Chicken who could DANCE.

His owner was a man,

He was proud of him because

He was very talented by dancing.

The chicken’s favorite dance was the

"Him" dance. He danced and sang together.

He moved his hips and

Sang this: "cha cha cha cha cha cha cha!"

This man’s mother did not like him

Singing all that so she took the

Chicken out of his cage. Clink! the

Door of the cage slammed really hard.

The man said, “what is that Mom?”

The mom didn’t know what to

Say so she said “just the wind…”

One minute later the mom didn’t know the chicken could talk.

Later, the mom was going to torture him!

But the chicken cried out loud, “Where is my momma!”

“I am your mother.” said the mother.

“Oops, I meant where is my papa!”

The man came and saw his mother hurting the chicken so he locked her in the chicken torture jail!

Ethan went into his memory bank to write this piece.


“I Remember” 

I remember when I am happy.

I remember when I read a book that was fun.

I remember a time when I was with my grandma.

I remember when I played games.

Orion also explored his memories with the prompt, "I Remember". 


“I Remember” 

I remember when I learned about Hitler.

I remember my first day in Kindergarten,

I remember when my dad tricked me.

I remember my first Roald Dahl movie.

I remember when I ate snails.

I remember when I ate nachos for breakfast.

I remember when I played basketball.

I remember when I played checkers.

I remember when I invented a paper airplane.

I remember the most violent game I played.

I remember my first piano teacher’s name.

I remember going to the San Diego zoo when I was two.

I remember going to the movies.

I remember the first time I stood up to a dog.

I remember the first time I ran I marathon,

I remember my first electricity project.

I remember the first time I saw a chicken.