In this session, the 3rd-5th grade writers at Joaquin Miller Elementary explored the theme of flight. They composed letters from Amelia Earhart to the girls of the world, used sensory details to describe the flight of the bumblebee, and wrote a first person account of Icarus’ fateful flight. Students experimented with a variety of craft elements such as point of view, sensory details, simile, personification and metaphor. The result was a collection of imaginative, colorful, odd and humorous fiction and poetry that illuminated humankind’s age-old obsession with flying. Prompt: Write about Icarus’ fateful flight from the first-person point of view.


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Flight of Icarus

My name is Icarus. I have been locked inside a stupid tower almost my whole life. One boring day I was putting out birdseed when my dad said that something was done. I was like, “Whatever,” but he said, “Let us fly!” He put a pair of wings on and jumped out the window and I followed. I flew high, the wind in my face. After a while, the feathers started falling off. I thought, Oh no! I went too close to the sun! I fell into the water. It felt cold on my flesh.


Prompt: Invisibility vs. Flight – Write a story in which you have one of these powers.

Dr. Ginko’s Amazing Am-777

Hi. I’m Dr. S.R. Ginkos. Some people call me Dr. Sr. Ginkos, and some people call me Dr. Sr. I’m a scientist who works for the military and I have figured out a way to make people invisible using an acid called Antrixamacility or Am-777. About ten other scientists know about it. We only have about five quantities and we plan to use it on the five most aggressive soldiers at a base in South Florida.



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I Am There

I am there. Following. Watching. Waiting. Why, I wonder, do I do this? I am a shadow. I must mirror your every move. Sliding in and out of existence as if can’t die. But I can. I’ve been killed over and over by deadly assassins but regenerated every time. I wake with no feet, live without a heart. Skimming the ground, I fly soundlessly over light. Dying slowly every day, vengeance has become a part of me.



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Nox and Nob

There once was a man who discovered a gem the size of a bowling ball. He named it Nox and went home with it. When he got home, he was about to turn on the lights when he noticed that Nox was giving off a whitish blue glow. Nob went to brush his teeth but nearly fell into the bathtub. He looked in the mirror. In the reflection was nothing but the bathroom wall.



Prompt: Use sensory details to describe what it feels like to fly.


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When Pigs Fly

When I, Mr. Piggy, fly, I don’t fly straight. I have special wings that glide through frost and coldness, high in the air. The feeling is completely different from being on the ground. It’s better. High above the humans, I feel safe.


Prompt: Use Significant Detail to render the place you are from using the phrase "I am from..."


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I Am From

I am from clean up your room from cinnamon roll donuts and maple oatmeal with brown sugar. I am from Mexico on Spring Break from from swimming with my friend and reading Greek mythology. I am from snorkeling in Belize from from Mine Craft and reading for too long.