Silas, 4th grade


 From the poetry exercise, "My Secret Is…"

My secret is made from the squishiest blob of air,

When I touch it it stings like 1 million bees, I can’t see it nor can I hear it but I still know what it is.

I found it when my most favorite pencil cracked as I was doing horrid homework.

It blew into pieces and somehow I knew it was floating there so I reached out to touch it.

My secret can make you think it is one place while it is not there and though it’s invisible I know that it’s somewhere over there.

If I lost my secret who knows where it will go. It will be moving somewhere not good and it just might fall into the wrong hands… 

Penelope, 4th grade



From the poetry exercise, "My Secret Is…"

My secret is made from the sharpest daggers and the softest feathers in the galaxy. It is made from the saltiest water and the warmest clouds.

I found it lying under a giant pot of gold at the beginning of a rainbow balancing on the edge of mount everest with snow on top of it.

This secret can turn anything into anything you want with a single touch of a unicorn’s horn from ten centuries ago.

If I lost this secret all animals in the world would be extinct except for snakes.

Helena, 3rd grade


Secret Recipe: Potion for Making Money


3 million cups of hay

4 cans of green or white paint

A pinch of ground-up amber

40 thousand tablespoons of sour milk

2 turkey wishbones

3 pans of thinly sliced burnt bacon

60 pounds of real gold

To mix: Put on two pans. There still will be some of the mixture left over, so freeze it at -360 degrees. Put it in oven for two hours. This recipe makes you have at least twenty 100 dollar bills!

Warning! If you keep it in the oven for 2 more minutes after the 2 hours, then your money will turn into pennies.

Eleanor, 4th grade 

Secret Recipe


A pinch of salt

A handful of sugar

2 buckets of water

a bucket of sprinkles

a jar of gummy worms

4 cans of sodd

8 bags of saltwater taffy

a jug of rootbeer

a cube of sugar

sour powder

To mix: Mix these all together at last until the taffy turns into goop, and the gummy worms, too. Then take a cup and pour it into your hideous mouth and swallow! You will soon find that you are in heaven and have wings. If you aren’t, you should have a larger mouth, and should be a better person.