SUNSET Fall 2014 TMWFIThis fall the 3rd-5th grade students at Sunset Elementary focused their creativity on food writing. Using all of their senses to write similes and metaphors, to personify food, making them characters in exploring their worlds and going on adventures; they've written odes to the food they like best, and even recipes of themselves.  

From "Odes to Food"

Ode to Melons

In Summertime melons roam the streets of the city. Honey Dew Melon is as sweet as candy. Hiding in people's bags until they get home. Until he or she takes out a knife and slices the melon by its wrinkly skin. Juice gushes out, and the melon is cut into two perfect halves. by JENNIFER

Ode to Pound Cake

Oh Pound Cake. You are Mt. Everest just waiting for me to take a huge lion bite out of you. Whenever I see you I have no idea of where to start munching. Every part of you is delicious and sweet. Even if you gave me a huge, legendary stomach ache I would still gobble you up like a tiger eating a deer. by JASPER

Ode to French Fries

I walked over to delicious heaven. The item was aware of what was about to happen. It ran when it was being seasoned with salt. It ran when into obstacles all over. Finally it stopped moving. A giant picked it up. CHOP CHOP by MATT

Ode to Watermelon

Everything is miserable without watermelon. Its juicy red flesh tastes like heaven. When you take a bite, and the juicy runs down your hands like a flood, you are filled with happiness. Its green skin is like a maze, when you finally finish, you get your prize. by ISABEL From: Descriptive writing about a food you hate.


At first, I didn't like mushrooms, even though I had never tried one. Then, one day, I went to my Bubba and Zieda's house. They made something that consisted of pasta (which I like) and mushrooms. I tried one of the mushrooms, unsure of what would happen next. I popped it into my mouth, and did a cross between spitting it out and chocking on it. I knew I wouldn't like them. by SYLVIA

Food Experience!

My whole family was urging me on. The green, wet broccoli was just sitting there on my plate. When I picked it up, it felt odd and cold. I closed my eyes and took a bite. It was GREAT! by DIADORA