A young writer from Vienna, Virginia sent us her unique story and we liked it so much we wanted to share it!

The Not So Winter Wonderland  

Lyana Katz

One day I was racing in a snowmobile race.  People were cheering, screaming, and some were yelling, “Hot dogs. Hot dogs”.

Suddenly, everything I saw was moving slowly and I fainted. Then everything turned white.  When I awakened,  an old wise snowman helped me up and exclaimed, “Happy Birthday, Lyana!”

I looked at him with suspicion in my eyes and responded, “Number one -how do you know my name; and number two – it’s NOT my birthday.”

“Oh, but my dear, here, it's your birthday every day in this wonderful winter wonderland.

“It’s beautiful”, I said.

There were white blankets of snow on the ground and waterfalls made of hot chocolate, and also red and white candy cane trees.  He said, “So, my dear, shall I give you a tour of this wonderful place with magical people?” I thought about it for a while because my mom doesn’t like me talking to strangers.  I decided to follow him.

As I walked around, I noticed that there were many snow people who resembled my friends and family.  I was completely spooked when I realized THEY WERE MY FAMILY!  This was not your typical friendly snowman, but it was the most evil snowman known to mankind.  He used to be friendly but the dogs in the neighborhood had turned him yellow and extremely mean.

The snowman started chasing me with his freezo-gun firing round after round at me.  But he was a lousy aim.  He froze squirrels holding nuts in their hands and he hit a crow which immediately fell from the sky like an arrow and hit the ground with a thump.  I quickly grabbed my blow torch, and pointed it at him until all that was left of him was a pile of carrots, buttons, and a hat.  His last words were, “I’m melting. I’m melting.” 

The snow people became human again.  We celebrated with hot cocoa with whip cream while dancing around a bonfire.  I woke up with a startle.  I sure was glad to be back home with my family. I turned up the thermometer and hoped that my next dream will take me to a warmer place – like Florida.