Students in our after-school and community classes are exploring all the different ways writers generate ideas, and put captivating words on the page.

Thornill Kids

Here are writing excerpts and some photos of our young authors working with instructor, Emily Phillips at Thornhill Elementary in the East Bay: 

2nd Grade:

By Anneke:

Carrots are a crunchy orange and they vibrate in my mouth. They make me feel silly.

Chocolate tastes like dark oceans swelling.


By Austin:

Recipe of Me

To make an Austin you have to have:

2 pounds of toys

1 pound of golf

1 cup of soda

Blend it. Add 1 cup of milk. Mix it up one more time. Have it after you have eaten a lot of sugar. Use a straw because this smoothie bites very, very hard.


By Emma:

Dear Tortellini,

I think you are a sweet sun-shaped thing of a food. Your best friend is pesto. You walk around in my plate until you fall in my trap. You hang on to pesto while you float through my mouth. Pesto is brave and you are too, but you both are scared as you fall down, down, down.




By Gwen:

Dear Chocolate,

You are so good and tasty. When I eat you, you feel soft. When I suck on you, you start to dissolve in my mouth. Can I marry you? You are the best.




By Michaela:

Michela_Thornhill ALLITERATIONS

Sofia’s sausages smell.

Snails sniffing sandwiches.



I am from the all the animals.

I am from the smell of good.

I am from the unknown.

I am from the smell of the wild.

I am from magic.

I am from the smell of flying and spying.

I am from the beauty of nature.

I am as a delicate as a feather.

I am from the sound of water.

I am as a light as a feather.

I am from the chirp of a bird.

I am from the gift of happiness.


By Nuala:

Dear Spaghetti,

You are as slimy as a snake, as white as a beluga, as pretty as a dolphin. Oh my spaghetti, you are most excellent.




By Rachel:

Dear Bagels,

Your best taste is cheese. You’re crunchy. You’re good. You’re surprising. I wish I could have you every day.




By Sidney:

Dear Ice Cream,

Thanks for writing to me in your ice cream pen. (Can you write in strawberry next time? I did not like the earwax so much). You’re so tasty, cold, delicious, and a sweet yummy chunk of yummy-ness. Please send me 1,000 strawberry, 500,000,000 cookie dough, 4,000,000 mint chip and infinity spoons.




By Sophia:


Persona Poem- The Shark


I am fun and dumb

I wonder who you are

I hear blupe-blupe

I see a fin

I want some food

I am fun and dumb


I pretend to eat a fish

I feel water on my tail

I worry I will die

I cry because I can’t find food

I am fun and dumb


I understand I might die

I say I need to find some food

I dream that I will not die

I try to find fish to eat

I hope I find my parents soon

I am fun and dumb

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