Students in our after-school and community classes are exploring all the different ways writers generate ideas, and put captivating words on the page.

Walt Disney_Classroom shot
Here are writing excerpts and some photos of our young authors working with instructor, Marissa Bell Toffili at Walt Disney Elementary in San Ramon:


2nd & 3rd Grade:

By Angela

When I wake up, I am dark, but I have lots of light. I wake up, but I am lonely and quiet, but I imagine thousands of loud people talking. When I wake up, I am cold, but I smell freshly baked cookies and I feel the warm, toasty heat. When I wake up, I am tired, so I go back to sleep.


Walt Disney_Angela

The sky is blue

the air is fresh.

And I am feeling wonderful

for the sky is a beautiful blue,

and the air is caked with



By Bernie


Long ago, people did things differently. They did war for settling fights. Canada and Greenland did it the most. I was Greenland’s secret weapon. I was no regular man. I had wings. I also had a utility belt with grenades, pop bombs, machine guns, time bombs, pistols, and walkie talkies. I killed Canada with my army brethren and Greenland became big, big country. 

Tune in next time for the Adventures of the Flying Wonder.


By Chloe

The night was as dark as a cave. In the deepest darkest part of the night I feel like I am lonely. I feel scared because of all the shadows. I feel tired because of the day before. When I wake up in the morning, I am really, really, really tired. So, I go back to sleep.

It reminds me of taking a field trip to Sunol. It reminds me of stepping in leaves. It reminds me of a baby crying in a movie. It reminds me of my dad snoring in the night and being very hard to sleep. It reminds me of a wild crowd and a time I went to an A’s game. It sounds like a dog howling.

Walt Disney_Chloe

By Emmy

One morning I woke up and heard birds chirping. I saw the morning sky. I could feel my bed covers. It felt warm. When I got up, I could smell muffins baking in the kitchen. When I was in the kitchen my mom let taste the muffins. The muffins smelled so good. Then I looked outside and saw the cool breeze, and when I went outside I could feel it, too. I could tell it was going to be a very great day.


By Freyana

I reached into my pocket and found a tissue that reminds me of when I was wearing this jacket. I was very sick. I kept on walking to school. I found a butterfly. I chase it and then I looked at my watch and said, “I am late for school!!!”

This morning I woke up and decided I didn’t want to go to school anymore, so I packed my backpack and hit the open road. Then my dad drove by in the car. Then I went to Breakfast Book Club. After Breakfast Book Club, I went in line for school.

Walt Disney_Kara-Freyana-Taylor
By Jack

I used to believe in vampires, but now I know they’re not real. But, I do believe in ghosts. So I got proof one night. On that night me and my friends Alex, Jimmy, and Nathan went to an abandoned hotel. When we first stepped into the hotel we all got a chill as a cold breeze came out of nowhere. So, as we walked in we heard a shriek and stopped in our tracks. Then we heard a voice out of nowhere and we were pushed down. And, we never went back again. For now…

Walt Disney_Jack
By Kara

It’s exciting to see a flower, but not as exciting to see peace signs. It’s not that exciting to see a shoe in a tree and a shoe in your toilet. It’s not as good to see an eraser than it is to see a pencil. It’s not as exciting to see an eraser as a TV, and a chair as a pencil. It is exciting to see a shirt do your homework, and it is not that exciting to see a pencil lay there. It is exciting to see a garbage can do your chores and the out the garbage. It sounds loud. It shakes my whole house. Then the pencil finally made my bed. I think it is exciting to see a paper clip be your servant. I think it is exciting to see a $5 bill pay for your toy. It is exciting to see a chair roll you a notebook, but not that exciting to see a TV turn on when you want it to.

Walt Disney_Taylor-Kara 

By Lauren

The rain came down hard. It splashed upon windows and made clear drips on them. It watered plants and created umbrellas everywhere. The sun was resting above the clouds where it clear and sunny.

But down below, the rain was coming sharp. It traveled through drains to oceans, or to a garden to a plant. Everything had clear drips on it. The ice-cold water made animals shiver. The clouds were as gray as steel. No rainbows or sun, yet.

Walt Disney_Lauren

By Nate

Long ago people did things differently. They had time machines. Cavemen had super rockets and visited Mars. They shook hands with Lady Gaga and saw my G-pa as a baby. One time, I saw a caveman in my room with a time machine and a picture of Mars and aliens. Then he turned invisible and was gone. In the morning, my head had a dent in it and it hurt like crazy. He came to school with me turned invisible and he helped with doing my math quiz and homework.


By Nicholas

The night was as dark as a black hole. I can sleep like a rock and not even a gunshot can awake me. I feel like I’m dead for 9 hours. And I feel like I’m in an atom because of a black hole.

If I were a wizard, I would make spells that would be so awesome everybody will be amazed. Spell one: Say “Bille” and 10 bazooka missiles will come out of your wand. Spell two: Say “Suruke” and a nuke will come out of your wand and only you can survive it.


By Sophia

The night is dark as some monster on fire chasing me. My favorite thing about my room is that it’s huge and safe. Outside my window I see some dog. They are coming in my window. The dogs are puppies. Their color is brown and they are very cute. They are nice and sweet and pretty. They have sparkles all over them. The sparkles are pink. There were many dogs. Then, poof!


By Taylor

I reached into my pocket and found stickers. Then I realized that they were all over me. It took me two hours to take off all of the stickers. Then I read for 30 minutes. Since I read for 30 minutes, I asked if I could play with my Wii. I was playing Super Mario Bros. I was stuck on world 7. I couldn’t complete the level because my brother kept on killing me.


By Zach

Walt Disney_Bernie and Zach I am from a house

that smells like books.

I am from the wild that

smells like sweet sugar.

I am from somewhere in

a place of my great

imagination. I am from vanilla

ice cream. I am from the

fluffy clouds. I am from

a world of toys, imagination, and

greatness. I am from a world

of comfort, where everything is

pillows. I am from a place of

wonder. I am from a scary

place with ghosts. I am from

a great underwater place.

I am from a buffet.