Our 3rd grade TMWFI students in Northern Virginia did a little mystery writing this winter.  From things that go bang and scratch in the night to great white shark attacks, these stories are sure to give you a scare!


Mystery by Mayra

On a cold Friday night, McKenzie Robinson was alone in her house studying for the SAT next week. Since nobody was home, McKenzie let her hair down and put on her glasses (at school she wore contacts) when suddenly, she heard a noise, “scratch, scratch, bang!”

“Wow,” McKenzie yelled, while falling off her beige recliner. “What was that noise?” she wondered. “Aaghh!” McKenzie screeched softly. “I have to focus on my pre-studying session.

McKenzie remembered back in middle school when she heard a sound similar to this, “scratch, scratch, mew” instead of  “scratch, scratch, bang.” McKenzie didn’t know what it was, but she was curious, so she followed the noise upstairs into the bathroom and found a cat stuck in her bathtub.”(McKenzie loved cats; she was even in a band called The Cats.”)

McKenzie tried gently lifting the kitty out of the tub, but it would not budge. She tried again with a more firm grip but the cat wouldn’t move. McKenzie was losing patience now, so she tugged on the cat: tug, tug, then “Pop! The so-called cat popped right out, but McKenzie quickly realized it was a stuffed cat!

McKenzie saw a bucket dangling precariously over her head. She tried jumping out of the way, but it was too late. McKenzie had paint poured all over her. “That’s when me and Mary clicked,” McKenzie said, giggling.

“What’s this?” she said, feeling the scratch on the couch. This was never here before, McKenzie thought. McKenzie slowly got off the couch, heart thumping. She jumped up as the noise suddenly grew. “Scratch, scratch, BANG!”

“Aaahh!” McKenzie screeched, edging back to grab her lime-neon-green baseball bat. She swung it in front of her like claws. She heard the noise worsening, “Scratch, meow, scratch, bang, BANG!”

She turned to see her nightstand edge closer on the “bang!” There it was: “bang, edge, bang, edge.”

McKenzie came closer to the noise and pushed back the nightstand and a kitty appeared. McKenzie poked it to make sure it was real. Unlike last time, it was. “Awww, let’s get you home,” McKenzie said.

The End


Mystery by Kathleen

On a windy Friday night, Gabby was in her room doing her essay. She heard a sound in her living room: “bang, bang, bang.” Gabby was scared, but she was thinking about what college she was going to. While she was finishing up her essay, she smelled something burning. That smell of burning reminded her of when she was little. When Gabby was a little girl, she used to watch her mom cook. One time, the doorbell rang. Her mom went to open the door. While her mom as at the front door, the stove started burning. Gabby tried to get her mom’s attention, but she couldn’t. So Gabby screamed. Wondering what the noise was, Gabby was scared, but she was also thirsty. She went downstairs and noticed something different. Her whole house was full of straws! Gabby looked outside. Her neighbor’s house was burning! Gabby ran over as fast as she could. The neighbors’ stove was burning! The lady who lived there was upstairs with her baby. Gabby knocked on her door. One of her children opened it. Gabby ran in and turned off the stove. The neighbors thanked her, and Gabby decided she wanted to be a detective.

The End

The Last Little Box A Nora Nilson Mystery By Alice

Nora Nilson is 8 years old. She is pretty, smart and kind. Nora lives in a big house. Nora’s room is up stairs. Her room has a desk, her family’s picture, a piano, and a pink bed. When Nora goes to her room, she is happy. When Nora is doing her homework, she hears a little sound: “scrape, scrape, scrape”. She looks around. The sound is coming from next to the piano. Nora can’t move because she is too scared. “Nora! Dinner Time!” called her mom. “I’m…I’m coming,” said Nora. She ran to the kitchen. When she finished her dinner, she said, “Mom, there’s a ghost in my room,” “Ha, Ha, Ha,” her dad laughed. “You are joking, right?” “I’m not joking, shouted Nora.” “I don’t believe you,” said her younger sister. Nora walked to the living room and sat on the sofa. She sighed. “Nobody believes me,” she said. “Mom!” called Nora. Yes?” answered her mom. “I don’t want to sleep in my room,” said Nora. “Why?” asked her mom. “Because the ghost is in my room!” “I told you at dinner, just forget about it.” In her dream that night, Nora is being chased by the ghost. “Aaaagh!” Nora screamed. “Wake up, Sweetheart,” called mom. “Mom, the ghost is chasing me!” said Nora. “Go and eat breakfast,” said Mom. “Mom, what day is it?” asked Nora. “It’s Saturday,” said Mom. Nora went to the kitchen and ate breakfast. It was almost 12 o’clock. Then Nora went to the bathroom. “Aaaaagh!” something was making a ghost sound. “Yikes!” yelled Nora. “G-G-Ghost!” “Ha-Ha-Ha,” somebody laughed. “Sara and Nick! You scared me! And how did you get in my house?” asked Nora. “When you were sleeping, we asked your mom,” said Sara. “Can you help me?” asked Nora. “Because the ghost is in my room, next to the piano.” “OK,” said Sara and Nick. “Let go and find the ghost.” They went up to Nora’s room. “I can’t hear a sound,” said Nick. “Scrape, scrape.” Nora ran out of her bedroom and ran into the living room.” “Wait,” called Sara and Nick. Nora stopped running. “What do I do now?” she asked. “Oh, I got an idea!” said Sara. “Nick and I will open the box, and Nora, you stay here.” “Great idea,” shouted Nora. Sara and Nick went up to Nora’s room and Nora waited. While she is waiting, she can hear Nick and Sara’s voices. “Catch that, Sara!” yelled Nick. “I want to!” shouted Sara. “I wonder what they are catching!” thought Nora. Finally Sara and Nick came down. “What are you trying to catch?” asked Nora. Sara and Nick smiled and showed Nora something. “A cute little puppy!” yelled Nora. “Just what I wanted!” “What is its name?” asked Nick “Ummm…Mystery,” said Nora “Ha, ha, ha,” everyone laughed and Mystery _____. “Seat down, Mystery.” Mystery sat down. “Who gave her to me?” asked Nora. “We don’t know; it’s a MYSTERY!” everyone shouted.

The End


The Attack of the Great White By Annie

Hi, my name is Steven Brown. I am thirty years old and live with my brother, Ryan Brown, in New Jersey. One day me and my partner, Sally Lee, were walking on the beach, but then a shark jumped up and grabbed a rotten fish! We know that it was far away, so we kept on walking, but then the shark jumped up and grabbed us, pulling us into the sea’s coral reef! As we were in the water, we saw a lot of stinky sea creatures. One smelled like Ryan’s room! When Sally and I got pulled into the Shark’s cave, we stayed there for 15 minutes, and then we heard a loud noise! We thought it was somebody who was trying to steal something, but instead, it was a broken submarine!  Then the shark left…

The End