The 4th and 5th grade group at Thornhill has been writing all types of amazing poems (with a little Halloween prose thrown in for fun) this Fall. From list poems to riddle poems, we’ve been having a blast and here’s the proof!

Ode to Leaves by Sidney

The long roads to freedom lead the way out the town. The leaves have freedom to fall on the ground. To explore new places. Those who are shy for they never leave home. They stay stuck to the branches and never roam. They get punished by the deep winter freeze. The breeze carries the free ones over the villages eaves. They are our messengers. The red ones bring us fall. The brown ones bring us winter. The green ones bring us spring.

List Poem by Gabby

Milk low-fat, preferably white A nectarine with a soft bite Chocolate chip cookie dough, oh how I want to eat it Absolutely no asparagus, oh how I must defeat it. Lettuce and tomato for a healthy salad So in the future when I’m strong and tall, I sure will be glad. Also I shall get some mighty noodles. Then I’ll get some soft snickerdoodles I can’t wait to gobble up all my food But I’m keeping it all to myself, so shoo!

Repeating Line Poem by Michela

I saw you sing so loud so sad. So unhappy. So un glad. Why so sad? Extinction can’t be glad!

O tiger in a trap eat the hunters with some sap.

I hear you howl and sneak like a snake. So close to me I thought you were fake! O tiger in a trap eat the hunters with some sap.


Ode to Rain by Selah

Rain cries day and night On sunny days it might stop Rain will cry of its fright the ice melting from the night of heat.

Riddle Poem by Jamie

I will turn and begin. I will end when you’re done with me. You can rip me if I don’t have enough protection. I have pictures and words. What am I? (a book)

Free Verse in homage to Billy Collins by Mitch

On turning 9, it was almost scary. I got all these new responsibilities. I got blamed for everything.

It was like a fly being asked to eat a frog.

I used to think I was a famous singer, all over those magazines Like I was a dog, a puppy. Or a strong knight guarding a castle. But that was the past and today is today.

So now nine has kicked eight away.

Repeating Line Poem by Sophie

You think I’m so scary, but seriously I can be nice. I am black and white, just like dice. You think I’m a tuffy, but I’m mostly fluffy! I squeal when I’m excited. It’s real, don’t just recite it. You think I’m a tuffy, but I’m mostly fluffy!

Halloween Scary Story Excerpt

by Parsa

(We picked 12 things we thought were important for a Halloween story and then tried to fit them all in one story!)

Zombie and Vampire stepped into the darkness of the haunted house. The house was a cellar made of blood. There was a huge bloody river in the middle of the haunted house. When the vampire was about to speak a crumpled up love letter appeared in front of his face! When he opened it, they heard dramatic opera music....(to be continued)

Ode to Letter E by Maxwell

You the letter the letter E You’re a sparkle Your personality brings meaning meaning of justice, hope, beyond more you’re the moon shining your glory to our globe your voice sheds glory to the word more than power your own E ways the letter E thank you!


You Don’t Scare Me at All Poem by Elise

Dogs barking Monsters walking Clowns honking You don’t scare me at all

Spies spying Robbers robbing Thunderbolts flashing You sure don’t scare me at all

School bell screaming Cats meowing Teacher yelling You don’t scare me at all

Police say stop Ghosts say boo-ooo You don’t scare me at all

I say hi, they go bye I don’t scream, they fling I don’t cry, they die

You don’t scare me at all

Repeating Line Poem by Reemi

Clouds Why do you cry? How do you fly? Are you old? Are you young? Tell me about the world and its nature. I feel your baby water balls. Your misty coolness all around. When you get mad you’re gray. When you are happy you’re white and bright. Tell me about the world and its nature.


Ode to Shoes by Hannah

Click Thump Clack Smack Tap On the street On the floor Walking out the door Leather Plastic whatever color you ask it Rough Isn’t allowed You walk Oh, so proud You are the bounce The jump The hop In my step The ground Such a killer You are the police Not Allowed In Most houses For style For girls Mostly Lady Gaga Is your client Sometimes you just support us You keep our feet clean So many of you Congrats The thing in your capsule is not rose scented But you held up Through wind Rain The snowy terrain So I slip My foot Into your soft touch And Lace up Yank, Yank Tie a bow Velcro Scratch scratch Or just slip on So simple So easy So many days I owe to you My P.E. sessions And Protection