Mmmmm delicious food, food, food…so necessary that our lives are focused around it, and important to and imbedded in many cultures that this session we explored food writing. We learned how to describe food using juicy adjectives, onomatopoeia, and alliteration. We explored food similes and metaphors. We wrote odes to our most beloved foods and dishes and we personified food, writing delectable tales of mystery and intrigue. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite excerpts from the session below!


In the beginning we wrote poems to introduce ourselves to each other:



Smart – Kind – Strong – Proud Daughter of Lisa Lover of horses, pigs, and dogs Who feels nervous, excited, and brave Who needs dogs, horses, and even more horses Who gives necklaces, bracelets and rings to Kimora, Ella and Sasha Who fears bears, fire, and being alone in the dark Who would like to ride horses, walk and play with dogs Resident of Oakland, California

- Dillon


Next we explored food through similes and metaphors:


Corn looks like tiny hills with a little melting patches of snow. The snow is butter.

- Megan


Jello is like a mountain made of glass and colorful ice cubes.

- Mia


Fudge pieces are like chocolate bricks being stacked on top of each other.

- Maya


Original bubble gum is like an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

- Balana


We worked on describing food through the use of descriptive adjectives, onomatopoeia, and alliteration:


Describing Macaroni and Cheese:

Yesterday, I made a big, hot, steamy pot full of golden macaroni and cheese. When it cooked it smelled so yummy that it made my stomach growl! When it finished cooking, I took it out of the oven and it was steamy hot! When I took a bite, it tasted delectably slimy. I ate it super quickly because it was deliciously wonderful!

- Maya



Choo the chimpanzee chewed on crunchy cherries.

- Megan



Balana ate bratwurst, beastly!

- Balana



Peter the porcupine loves to eat pasta, over and over again. One day Peter got a note from the pediatrician and could not eat pasta anymore.

- Mia


We even worked on describing food we absolutely do not like or are afraid to try:



I hated tomatoes because of the taste; they’re too sweet, they are squishy and breakable. The seeds are gooey and gross when you eat them. The texture is kinda rough and all I want to do is spit it out!

- Ana-Li



Doritos are a tasty thing. They give out tasty flavors of spicy. They are very crunchy and when the spicy touches my tongue it gives a quick flash of taste.

- Megan


Then we switched gears and wrote odes to our favorite foods:


Ode to Invisible Marshmallows

Sweeter than regular marshmallows Oh invisible marshmallows are magical. They are really hard to find in the market, because they are invisible.

Invisible marshmallows, you make unusual s'mores Your graham is floating up in the air And your chocolate delicious

Invisible marshmallows can be used for magic tricks too All you need is a little tape and thread And you float and dance in the air.

I really, really want to try glow-in-the-dark invisible marshmallows!

- Jiana


Ode to S'mores

Oh you delicious delectable s'mores You remind me of camping around a fire. Your three flavors: Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow All melt into one.

- Maya


My bread

You’re so soft but hard. When I bite your inside is holey. It’s like Swiss cheese but better. But in the morning I come in and you’re on the counter with butter and jelly you’re better than Paradise.

- Mia


We had a few lessons on personification, where we took a favorite food and gave it human characteristics (Our story telling group really liked this activity):


Simbolene Ice Cream Girl

Simbolene lives in the freezer, a big one. She has a sister named Amber and her neighbor Claire. The other side of the freezer is The Dark Side. The left side where the ice cube monsters are.  One day they got lost on the dark side, not knowing where they were going.

Claire and Simbolene were best sister friends. They are both chocolate chip cookie dough flavored ice cream. Amber is chocolate ice cream.

Claire and Simbolene got lost on the dark side when they forgot their right from left, an ice cube lady came up and said, “My name is Blizzard Tundra.” She was quite jolly but they just ignored her. They were scared and saw the ice cube monster. The ice cube monster cuffed them and brought them to his cave. They tried to escape but the monster had guards. Claire suddenly remembered that she had a watch that sucked any hotness such as the sun into it, so heat doesn’t kill them. So Claire tried to kill the ice cubes by letting the heat she had caught out. She stood back so they (Claire and Simbolene) wouldn’t get burned. But that did not work. Because Simbolene saw an ice cube watch camera, which is a security camera, so they threw ice at the camera and it broke! Then they used Claire’s watch and they escaped. Since the cave was far away from home, they found a sled and rode it back home!

The End

- Jiana and Balana


Chol The Cherry

“Hi! I’m Chol” Chol is a cherry. His whole family are cherries. Chol and his family (Mom, Dad, and annoying sister Tina) lived on Fuggy Food Island. There town is called Cherry Chewer. One evening when Chol was playing video games, so was a different cherry named Chip. Chip was like Chol. He liked video games and they both wanted a dog and the usual things cherries like.

One day Chol was going to the animal shelter, so was Chip. Because of this they met at the shelter. Chol and Chip both saw this cute dog. Chol and Chip both said, “Awww!” Chol got the dog and Chip was sad. But Chol said to Chip, “Hey, you’re my next door neighbor!” So from then on Chip was friends with Chol.

On a perfect Saturday the friends were playing with Chol’s dog Sparky. “Go fetch!” said Chip. One minute later Sparky came back with a …map? “Look,” said Chol. “Sparky has a map. Come here boy.” Sparky dropped the map at Chol’s feet. “Hey, it’s a treasure map!” said Chip. “Awesome!” said Chol. “We should get started on our adventure !” So Chol and Chip packed and off they went.

To Be Continued…

- Megan


And no writing about food would be complete without a few recipes; so we wrote recipes of ourselves:


Recipe of Me….Jiana!

5,000 tons of Club Penguin 3,000 tons of kittens and cats 5 cups of humor 9 scoops of cookie dough 1 pound of ice cream 9,000 pounds of monkey butter 9 quarts of fashion 11 scoops of candy canes 91 mustaches

First mix Club Penguin, candy canes and ice cream Next wisk with kittens and cats, cookie dough and humor After that add mustaches, monkey butter and fashion

Make sure it is fully smooth.

Bake it in an oven for 1 hour then set it down to cool for 11 minutes.

Serve with a side of creamy chocolate.

Serves 11 people.

- Jiana


Recipe of Me…Mia!

20 cups of my cats 15 pints of silliness 10 scoops of ice cream 1,000 tons of horses 50,000 tons of my Mom 2,000 gallons of friends 12 scoops of math 20,000 tons of FUN!

First take 50,000 tons of my Mom Next mix it with 1,000 tons of horses. After that add in the rest of the ingredients in any order you want. Finally you mix it all with a blender and put it in the oven at 70 degrees for 4 hours. Then you refrigerate.

Serve on a plate with salad, chicken and soup and sorbet.

Serves 100 people, more or less.

- Mia