Crocker Highlands readingLindsey's young writers shared their stories of things lost and found (part of our Found Treasures curriculum) for parents and friends at Crocker Highlands Elementary School in Oakland.  

From Treasure maps: Setting and Concrete Details

Treasure Map 1. Over the red mountains 2. In the redwood forrest 3. Through the magic jail 4. Under the yummy table 5. Go to the yellow hills!


From Found Poetry: creating poems from the New York Times

To Make it Work To Make it Work you need to think of new experiences


CH 2127

From Found Poetry: creating poems from the New York Times

Food A snack that smiles back creamy mashed potatoes and three-ingrediant gravy quick-roasting turkey with thyme butter and pear cornmeal cake with rosemary syrup.


From Scavenger Hunt: descriptive story-writing

My New Dragon I just got a little dragon. It is green with red under her wings. I hand-made a fluffy sweater which is blue; it fits my dragon. I love my socks because they can slip and slide like a newborn deer.


CH 2128

From Museum of Found Objects

City Chicken And he got so mad that he barged into Pig’s house and took him to Jail. He put him behind some very strong bars made out of curly fries. But after a couple of years when Pig was old, he ate his way out.


From Scavenger Hunt: descriptive story-writing.

French Polar Bear Girl Polar Bear sat on her porch chewing Hawaiian Punch Gum with curly letters. Polar Bear was a person. A real girl. She was French. She started drinking her mom’s pink Pie Lemonade.


CH 2125

From Scavenger Hunt: descriptive story-writing

Surprise! Once upon a time there was a girl who has a special something. No, you don’t get to see it until the end of the story!


From Scavenger Hunt: descriptive story-writing.

All Hail the Dragon One day I was walking down a street and I saw a map, it looked like this: I followed the map and when I got to the haunted house I heard a strange sound.


CH 2123

From Scavenger Hunt: descriptive story-writing

My list 1.   A new bed 2.   Homemade soda 3.   My mama 4.   Band-Aids in my desk 5.   Why I even wanted to cut my hair


CH 2119

From Scavenger Hunt: descriptive story-writing

Missing! Sir, I need your help. Three things have gone missing along with a broken window. I had a diamond. Large. About the size of a half dollar. It was red and smooth. Cut like a diamond you think would be cut.


From Scavenger Hunt: descriptive story-writing

Piper One day in Chicago Piper was walking down the street. She could not help noticing that something did not belong. She did not know what. She kept on walking until she got home but she could not stop thinking about the thing that did not belong.