(TMFWI) Grattan 4&5 F2013This term at Grattan, we focused on food writing through our curriculum “Peanut Butter & the Pen”. With the use of literary devices such as simile and metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia and alliteration, students learn to avoid lazy adjectives and instead to write imaginatively: writing poems, short stories, and Odes for the foods that give them comfort, and those they cringe at...even taking a crack at writing recipes about themselves—an edible biography.

From: Odes to Food


Ode to Lasagna - Uma


From: Odes to Food

Ode to a Watermelon

Thank you watermelon. Your munchiness is irresistible. But your black seeds are a twisty hurricane in my watery mouth. Thank you watermelon for your coolness. Whenever I bite into you, all my problems are over. Thank you watermelon for being so polished. When I run myself through you, I fall asleep like a pillow.


From: Odes to Food


Ode to Soup


From: Odes to Food

Ode to Food

Food, Food you are so lovely Food, Food you make me happy Food, Food it doesn’t matter if you’re deadly Food, Food Now it’s time to e-e-eat you.

Citrus Lump, Side of Cheese, Pass the honey if you please, Fiery Bulbax is a treat, Titan Dweevil has great taste, Plasma Wraith makes great sauce, Toxic Fungus bakes a lot.


From: Odes to Food

Ode to Dark Chocolate

Come from eggs that grew on a tree. Oh how bitter but delicious you are. I want to fill my mouth with you. Oh how I wish I could eat nothing but. The streets are filled with you. Dark chocolate you are my world.