This Fall at Havens Elementary we concocted bedtime stories, faced our old fears of monsters, and more! See some of the excerpts we have to share with you below!

From “My Name Is"... prompt – students inserted an emotion or personality trait for “Name”:

My creativity is giant and growing. Every day. My creativity is made from dreams and everything around me. My creativity can be sad, happy, gory, awesome, shiny, gross and lots more.



Excerpt from bedtime story:

One upon a time Pooh Bear, Christopher Robin, Owl, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Tigger were all standing on a cliff, watching the foamy waves crash against the shore. Pooh (that’s what everyone called him when he was silly) took a couple steps forward. When he was three steps away, a rock tripped him. “Poooooh!” everyone  screamed. “My life is ending!” Pooh called back.



Excerpt from bedtime story:

Strike wondered where Luna had gone. She hadn’t told him a thing or left a note. Luna was in Braindude’s hideout. She was very scared. She thought that Braindude would eat her. She was in a dark structure that was old and covered from wall to wall and ceiling to floor with all sorts of gross things like webs, mice, rats and mold.



Excerpt from bedtime story:

Once Bo got to Dr. Mammoths’  house/lab/life he figured he shouldn’t use the doorbell so he just kicked the door open! “Aww Bo, hmmm, how did I know you were coming?” cackled Dr. Mammoth. “Because I have a brain.” Then, unexpectedly, a cage dropped right over Bo. Bad Luck!

1. Bo was trapped. 2. He really needed to use the bathroom. 3. He was bored and 4. well… nothing for #4.



From "This I used to believe":

I used to believe in the toilet monster. Whenever you flushed the toilet, a monster would jump out! It was very scary. One night I had a dream about the toilet monster. It had a toilet head, a water body, toilet fingers and toilet paper eyes! It was the scariest thing I’d ever seen. I was so scared of it that the next morning, I almost never went to the bathroom!



Excerpt from bedtime story:

Once upon a time there was a peanut named Paul the Peanut. Paul was not like ordinary peanuts. Paul could talk. When he was born, he never wanted to be eaten. He had nightmares about being eaten.

One day a little girl came up and got the peanut jar down from the shelf. Slowly, she twisted the jar. It popped open. She picked up a peanut. “Noooo!” cried Paul the Peanut. “Not Aunt Susan! Goodbye! I love you!”



Excerpt from bedtime story:

The ground began to rumble and blackness surrounded the house. My mouth opened. The house had red blocks holding the roof up with glass windows next to every red block. Right in front was a small waterfall leading to a pond with Chinese fish. A rocky cement pathway led to the house’s red door. We entered the house.



Excerpt from bedtime story:

Gloria is a flamingo. She has a great-great-great grandfather who is very old. He is a turtle and is 9,999. She hopes that he does not die. Her great-great-great grandfather’s name is Bob. Gloria’s great-great-great grandfather gave her a turtle shell as a gift. Ever since, she wears it as a hat. It is very fashionable. All the girls at school want one.