This fall, we asked our students at Oakton Elementary to come up with a list of Halloween monsters and to write a short spooky story where the monster was either the protagonist or the villain. See some excerpts from the eerie tales they concocted! From Bayan's piece, "Night of the Zombie Candies":

"...Hi, my name is Jimmy. On my most recent Halloween, I went with my brother, Billy, to go trick-or-treating. When we got back it was too late to eat anything, so we went to bed. The next day, I saw a lot of people dressed as zombies. Then, when someone completely fell apart, me and Billy ran home! Our parents saw what happened so they believed us. We locked ourselves inside the house and then I saw my dog, Sausage, eating some candy. Suddenly, he became green and his eyes were completely white. He was a zombie!"


From Aaron's piece, "The Machine":

"Once, a man named Fred walked straight to a haunted church and ate some blood -- he was a zombie. He had friends named Ted, Ned, Bob, and Ben who were also zombies and were rich (zombie money is blood). A gallon of blood or more means you are rich. Fred was poor because he only had a cup of blood...The next day, a machine appeared out of nowhere, but nothing happened - yet. Fred went out to get some blood, but no one seemed to have any. When he got back the machine was moving and killing zombies! Fred threw all the meat from his house at the machine and it exploded blood. He now has 1000 gallons. Fred is rich and has a happy ending."


From Wesley's piece, "The Halloween Night":

"'Twas the night before Halloween and everything was dark. There was a monster getting ready for Halloween - he was a ghost named Klober. But Klober wasn't a full ghost: he could also change into a human. He was a cop, but on Halloween, he would change into a ghost so that he could trick people. He had a ghost dog named Scare. This year, they were going to steal candy from babies and from everybody else (but mostly from babies). Klober loved Halloween..."


From Charlie's story, "The Monster Behind the Door":

"Once upon a time, there was a kid named Jason. He was graduating from wizard school. When he graduated, he received a magical staff with a crystal on the top. When he got home from wizard school, he heard a creaking and a growling from his closet at the top of the stairs. He slowly opened the door and there was a giant monster standing in his closet! The monster swung at Jason, but he ducked. Jason grabbed his staff and shot five plasma bolts at the monster. The monster was defeated. Suddenly, another monster came up behind him, but he was prepared this time. He summoned lightning to the crystal on the staff and sent it into the monster's chest. He had won. He had defeated all the monsters."


From Dillan's untitled story:

"One night, a couple of teenagers were having a party. Some of them were drunk, but not Jack. They heard strange noises, like footsteps, but when they looked out the window, they didn't hear a single thing. Jack, who paid more attention, heard the noises ten times, and they kept getting closer and closer. Then he saw Jason in his hockey mask with a bloody machete. Jack ran to his car and drove as fast as he could - somehow he knew that all his friends had died...Today, Jason is still alive and is coming for you."


From Erin's untitled story:

"The night was beautiful, with many stars in the sky. It was cool outside. Every child was asleep -- except for one. He lurked in the shadows all night. He slept in an old abandoned house all day. He was unknown to almost all, except for his grandfather. This boy had a scar doing down his face, from the middle of his forehead to his right cheek. He had brown hair and bangs, and a skin-tone darker than pale, but not very tan at all. He was tall and wore a black jacket and navy blue pants. He was a very mysterious boy. He never came out of the shadows until one day, when his grandfather found him and brought him home on Halloween..." To Be Continued...


From Emily's story, "Grandma's Haunted House" :

"Many years ago, during the Silver War, many people were killed in a forest and were turned into zombies. When they woke up, they went looking for a place to live and they found a haunted house. They went inside, and there was Grandma. They decided to kick her out of her house, and attacked her. Luckily, Grandma knew karate and could defend herself. Grandma still lives there today, but the zombies were never seen again."