This winter at Oakton we explored the fantastical world of dreams. Take a look at some of the work our students dreamed up!

From a warm-up writing exercise describing daydreams:


“A daydream is a dream but your mind is confused so you do it during the day. A daydream is a magical sight you saw earlier. And after if you think you can find similarities of what happened earlier. You can also find similarities in the characters. Your mind is a fly trap. It traps moments. You can also add to what happened earlier in your daydreams.”

– Pearl


“A daydream is a dream during the day. You may be feeling tired or something, and you may make it turn into a daydream to dream. Then a dream to REM. The REM to a deeeeeep sleeeeeep. Then a deeeeeep sleeeeeep to a daymare! Aaah! Then, your teacher says, “Wake up Suhani. You are suspended from sleeping in math!” Sigh. All because of a daydream. Time to go to the principal’s office. Bye.”

– Suhani



“A dream is a fly speck of dust from dreamyness. It flies and flies until it hits your head and the redder ghost and then you wake up!”

– Wesley


What is a daydream?

"A daydream is when your imagination comes to life. A daydream could also be a warning. A daydream is unrealistic. A daydream is not paying attention. A daydream is gets your trouble. A daydream is more secret than 51. More powerful than a whale."

– Bayan


From What if Pencils Had Dreams:

A Candle’s Dream

“I dream of being the brightest burning and the longest fire lasting candle. I dream of being alive. I dream of giving peace and quiet to the world.”

– Ian


From What Dreams Tell Us About Our Personalities:


“I got lost going on my way to my house when I found a forest. It was misty and had vines hanging from the trees. The trees started to shoot killer gnomes at me. I ran until I found a path. The only problem was there was swamp with lava instead of water. I was walking on the bridge when I found a door. I looked in a tree’s hole and found five keys….”

– Dillan


“The forest is dark and spooky and smells like smoke of bananas. There is a path to a sponge, black and huge! They can dance. I can see a key!...”

– Kajvan




“I am driving through a dark and dreary forest and that smell! I don’t even want to start… It is like cinnamon mixed with farts and the other thing is that the grass is lime green and the trees are droopy. There is a wide path. It is white and mossy and there are a lot of insects and parrots that repeat what you say…”




When We Meet

“One day a kid named Sam wondered what was in the sky. His teachers and parents said the only things in the sky were planets and stars. Sam thought there was more so when he was 18 he signed up to be an astronaut at NASA…”

– Charlie


From Dreams for the World:

I Have a Dream!

“I have a dream that all tacos should be treated equally in Tacotopia Town where the burnt ones will have freedom! I will lead taco marches and do whatever I can to help tacos! We cannot work for you anymore!..”

– Nataly