This Winter we explored the wonderful world of food in our “Peanut Butter and The Pen” curriculum. We practiced writing vivid descriptions of food, using adjectives and active verbs, similes and metaphors. Students wrote stories, advertisements, warnings and odes, as well as a “Recipe of Me.” Read some of our favorite excerpts from the session below!  From an experience trying a suspicious food for the first time:

I thought frog legs were not good tasting but after I went to the same buffet for the second time, my mom urged me to eat the frog legs. To my surprise, the fried frog legs weren’t mushy. The fried frog legs were not that salty. It tasted a bit like chicken.

- Alan

Mushrooms have a mushy, gushy, slimy and nasty taste. I think they look cool, but taste gruesome. They should be against the law. They have a frothy texture. I forever hate mushrooms. The first time I tried them I felt sick!

- Sophia

From an exercise using similes, metaphors and/or personification to describe the following foods:

Chips taste like something from Yellowstone Park. Corn on the cob tastes like little rubber tents filled with liquid. Jello looks like a see-through jelly substance. Bubble gum looks like cooked slime brains. Barbeque ribs taste like the ribs of an alien animal with traditional smushed brain sauce.


From a prompt – A mad scientist invents a new glow-in-the-dark food using weird ingredients, and tries to get an unsuspecting kid to volunteer to eat it:

A mad scientist invents a glow in the dark food that contains globs of chewed up liver, killer zombies and 18,000,000,000 glow worms.


From a prompt – Describe your breakfast this morning using all five of your five senses:

The fried eggs I had for breakfast were golden brown. Bubbles appeared and instantly popped, creating a sizzling sound. Its aroma filled the air.


Once there was a vial. It lived happily with his test tube brothers. Then one day there was a mad scientist and he poured a green liquid into the vial and the vial turned evil. He poured himself into drinks and food. Then one day he made the mistake of pouring himself into a rich person’s drink and it was then that he met his enemy the antidote, who saw the person choking and went to the rescue. (To be continued...)



From a prompt –I discovered a new food: CHEESTERAMBOCCOLLI. What is it?

Cheesteramboccoli is cheese with broccoli. It looks like broccoli drizzled with cheese. The broccoli is cooked with oil and fried, and the cheese is melted.


From an ode – a poetic form written either to praise or pay tribute to the subject of the poem (in this case, food):

Ode to Orange Chocolate Ganache

Spit out your orangey flavor Give me thick, coarse dark chocolate Don’t just leave me I will always love your flavor Now, you may leave me now Wait! May I have another bite?


From creating a food character (personifying food) and writing its story:

Patty Potato was doing nothing one night in her Potatomobile but licking her pink hair. She then saw the potato signal and jumped into the potato suit. She zoomed through the produce section and into the frozen aisle. There, standing with stainless steel throwing sporks, was Annette Applehead. She hurled a spork at Patty but Patty dodged, and the spork hit some microwave lasagna. When Patty turned around, Annette was gone. She hopped in her vehicle and zoomed through the chips and bean dip section. She got out of the mobile and searched the aisle. “Kieahh!!” came a loud cry. Patty jerked her head towards the sound, just in time to see Gabe Garbonzo bean leap on top of her. She shucked him off, and pushed a secret button. A bowl appeared out of nowhere and cooked him! (Continued...)


From a Recipe of Me – write ingredients that include characteristics about you, plus measurements and directions for preparing, cooking and serving:

This great looking recipe is full of strange, awesome ingredients. After eating this you’ll jump as if you are doing gymnastics!

1. Add 20 teaspoons of kindness with 12 ounces of candy lover. Stir in 1 big bowl.

2. Blend 9 cups of shyness with 100 tablespoons of gymnast. Add a little less than ½ of a micropinch of kind sister. Put into 2nd bowl. Cook in pan until turned into cake.

3. Last, add caramel to 1st bowl and make frosting out of it. Drench the frosting over cake and... EAT!!!