From bedtime stories to beliefs, check out the poems and tales concocted by our class at The Booksmith in San Francisco this Fall! From her Bedtime Story:

Kings, queens, princes, princesses, emperors and empresses came from playgrounds far and wide, from playground Calldia to playground Zngwillia. It was amazing. Even Princess Ellsia from the park of Blaziall, the playground of playgrounds, was there.


From “This I Used To Believe”:

I used to believe that… tooth fairies were real. I grew up. Now I think that it is my mom, dad or grandparents. I used to tell my mom and dad in the morning that I got money from the Tooth Fairy! My mom and dad just congratulated me. Now I think that the Tooth Fairy is fake. My sister still believes that the Tooth Fairy is real, but I can understand that because she is only 5 years old.


From "My Name Is":

My name is made from something that disappears easily.

I found him in a brain and named him Bob

My name can hide away from people, hatred, want and life.

If I lost my name he would flinch, cry and weaken. I will find him again and he will renew.


From "My Name Is":

My name came from mischief. My mom and dad got the name from a movie. The movie is Milo and Otis.


From "This I believe":

I believe that ghosts exist. I believe that spirits exist. I don’t believe that when there’s darkness it’s harmless.