Lend an eye to some of the work our 2nd and 3rd graders came up with for our "Poetry Palooza" session this Fall! From an exercise on alliteration poetry:

Adriana went to the airport, she ate an apple at the airplane, and had an ant with an aunt, the ant was in a box.”

- Adriana, age 7

From a dialogue-themed free write. Students were given one word on which to build their dialogues. Aidan’s word was “leave”:

"Your name is weird...you’re not my friend at all" "Well, you’re not my friend either, you’re so rude." "No you are...You’re my last friend in the world."

- Aidan, age 7 

From a Halloween exercise in which the kids were asked to write poems about facing their fears:

Shots that leave dots, Stage fright, Bee bite, Life doesn’t frighten me at all.

- Amanda, age 8

From a free-form poetry excercise in which the students were asked to reflect on how it feels to get older:

When I was four I believed I was a fairy princess, who danced, and skipped, and played, and would be four for the rest of her life, But now I don’t care about staying the same age, I don’t care how old I am, I am me, and I like me.

- Ava D., age 8

From an exercise in which students were asked to make a list of items, and then write a poem using those items:

Red sauce lots of cheese with sprinkles and marshmallows All of these things are in my pizza tonight. Strawberries and apples and chips, All of these things are in my pizza tonight.

- Ava S., age 7

From an exercise on alliteration:

Lauren eats lolly pops Lauren eats lunch Lauren leaps Lauren likes laughing Lauren likes loop de loops Lauren likes lizards.

- Lauren, age 7

From an exercise on personification. Sophia wrote her poem from the perspective of a soccer ball:

The life of a soccer ball is not very easy I get rolled in the grass I get kicked in a net I’m getting bored of my color black and white I wish I was colorful!

- Sophia, age 7