Our Young Writer's Lab is a community-based writing program that happens each Thursday from 3:45 - 5:15 at Musically Minded Academy in Rockridge. The next 12 week session begins March 10th.

Each week every Lab student is given time to work on a longer piece they started to develop outside of class. We also engage their imaginations with original writing activities, such as:

The 3-D Writing Kit

 What do you do with a paper bag filled with ephemera and a collection of phrases and words pulled from magazines? Why create a story, of course!





Walking in Someone Elese's Shoes

Shoes Make the Man, or the Woman. After selecting a pair of shoes from a variety of footwear including slippers, cowboy boots and impossibly high heels the kids developed characters who would walk in them.

"Hink Pink"

Do you know what a pair of rhyming synonyms for tight carpet* would be? How about a carnivorous criminal* ? "Hink Pink" is a word game that challenges players to solve the synonym puzzle.

We're not going to give everything away though -- to find out more about what goes on in the Lab, come join us!

* answers: snug rug, beef thief