Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.

Such treacherous, terrible tomatoes.

On my tongue, I do not love

My terrible, treacherous tomato.

Red is pretty. Orange is amazing

But on a tomato, what a disgusting

Zoo of ewww. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

--Jessie, 4th Grade


With a hint of tartness. A little crunch. Blue on the outside, green inside. Imagine that, all in one combined. A little crown on top. It was air dancing on my tongue. Like the tartness of candy. As if it was a sunset on my tastebude. Yummy.

--Cameron, 4th Grade


The Jello was as red as blood. It was as shaky as an earthquake.

--Will, 4th Grade


The smell of onions was like losing a friend.

--Esme, 4th Grade


Once there was a blueberry. The bump on a blueberry with the seeds popping, like running laps at P.E. The color on the outside blue as the water's deep. The blue as can be, sprouting out of me. I see them on a tree outside. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, like someone you can't trust.

--Sydney, 4th Grade