Assignment: personification

A. Personify “hungry”:

1. What does hungry look like? He is a purple pumpkin that has only a mouth because all he does is steal food from other people.

2. One day I got a phone call from my belly. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I answered it!! It sounded horrible (probably because its mouth was full). It was Hungry! I thought there was no such thing as hungry. Well at 9:30 he came. He didn’t knock. He just came in! Finally it was dinner time (it took a long time for him to sit down and I was getting hungry!). I opened the refrigerator and …there was nothing there!!!! I looked over at Hungry; he had food all around his mouth. “Errrr!!”, I said. I started chasing him out of the kitchen and out of the door and around the block until we came to a vent. Then he jumped into it. Then I reached into it. “Yuck!” it was wet and slimy. Is that really where he lives? That is probably why he smells.

B. Personify a food you hate

Hi. I am Mysterious Despicable Bob. I am a tomato. I make people gag with my slimy gooey slippery seeds. I am a good shade of a friendly inviting red on the outside. On the inside I have a long curly villainous mustache.

Assignment: Use tasting food to inspire an alliteration

The crazy chocolate captures coldness colliding crazily.

Pickles particular perfect taste creates permanent perfection.

The poisonous preposterous pear went to Pennsylvania.

The appalling apricot ate my apple.

Assignment: Choose a food and write a story about its life cycle

I, Will the wheat seed, was sitting in a sack with my two thousand family members. Then some strange man dumped me in the ground to grow. Every day an airplane would fly by and spray me with chemicals that hurt him. Slowly by slowly I started growing. Then one day my cousin got ate by insects. The same thing happened to twenty of my cousins. When the man found out that my cousins had been ate, he was furious. The next day the airplane came by as always but this time it sprayed the most harmful chemical ever which hurt do much. Then I was sedated. When I woke up I was in the shape of a square and I was in a bag that had “bread” written on it. Then I was picked up by a man and put in some metal box and then the man pressed a level down and I fell down. Then the walls started getting really hot. Then I became crispy. Then I was taken out of the box and the man bit me. He kept biting me until there was nothing left of me. That was the sad story of Will, aka William.