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Jake (POV Story inspired by a portrait)

Monday, thought Mrs. Donaker as she rolled out of bed. Mondays, oh how she dreaded Mondays. She would rather go back to college than have to write an ode to Mondays. But don't get me wrong, Mrs. Donaker was a grandma and full-time teacher who worked hard. She wasn't just some annoying old lady that hated on random nouns. Mondays, for Mrs. Donaker, meant lunch duty.


Lucy P. (Idiom Story)

It was the day of the play and I was backstage with my best friend. She said, "Break a leg!" and I said, "Thanks!"

I went out onto the stage. A few minutes into the play, it started to rain cats and dogs! A cat fell right onto my face and I fell off the stage and broke my leg!

I got to the hospital and my best friend was there. She said, "I didn't mean for you to really break your leg!"

"I know!" I said. "And I didn't mean to actually break it!"

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Hayley (From a freewrite)

I peeked through the key-sized hole in my neighbors fence and saw... a hairy, sweaty hippopotamus with chickenpox, asking the lords for a tiara, a magenta eye patch, an indigo-spotted beard and a yellow belly button with gravy pouring out (because he eats so much of it). Isn't that disgusting?


Lucy S. (Ode)

Ode to Computers

I love computers

everything about them

The way the little pictures on the screen

come alive

The unlimited amount of knowledge

right before your eyes

The computer mouse scurrying around the screen

as if it were an animal with little ears and feet

The way they go to sleep

just like we do

Their keys smooth as silk

when your fingers press down to write

whatever you want whenever you want

I love the way you can pack them up and take them anywhere

to keep you company

Oh yes, I love computers



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Clara (Personification Poem)

Hear the needle

as it hugs the record and then moves into a 


it may walk or run

or talk or sing

it will keep on running

on and on

occasionally a crackle

will disturb its 




Zoe  (Idiom Story)

One sunny day I was walking. Suddenly it started to rain! I put my umbrella up and then I heard a whump! on top of it. Then I saw a cat fall at my feet. I put down my umbrella and looked uP. It's raining cats and dogs!

The next day it started raining geese and ducklings. I was wondering what was going on so I went to the top of a skyscraper and I jumped into the clouds. I fell! I landed on a duckling and I said, "Fly little duckling, fly!"


Charlotte (From a freewrite)

I peeked through the key-sized hole in my neighbors fence and saw... nothing. No, not what you think. My neighbors' yard simply did not exist! No grass, no trees, no flowers, no anything. Just an empty grayness which wasn't gray. It wasn't really any color at all. It was more like a space where there should have been something, but there wasn't. I gasped and stepped back. The Petersons had always seemed odd, with their vacant, staring eyes and the way they never quite seemed to hear what you were saying.


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Olivia (Ode)

Ode to Witty Comebacks

Witty comebacks

keep the world at bay,

shutting up your

enemies, and

there's an endless

supply of choices

for all of your 


And the best part,

savored the most

is this: the look,

the expression

that takes hold of

their face, of

utter disgust,

surprise and shock, 

making me 


feel warm and

fuzzy inside!


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Ruby S. (Idiom Poem)

Butterflies in Your Stomach

You are walking down the road,

A monarch flutters above,

You jump and graze its wing,

Try again,

Secure it in a jar,

You spot more,


Blue, Magenta, Burgundy, Periwinkle, Spotted, Dotted and Striped.

Your jar is crowded now with 

not much room to breathe.

Sit down and gaze at the

abundance of flapping wings,

Forceful yet Delicate.

What would it feel like to eat

these tokens of grace?

One after the other, they are

placed on your tongue.

Protesting until life is abandoned,

Your stomach becomes a graveyard.


Kyra (Personification Poem)

A radio sits silent and staring

Until the flip is switched

Then it starts to talk

To babble and buzz

Sometimes it sings

Sometimes is lectures

Then, when the flip is switched

It's silent... for now

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Ruby H. (Personification Poem)

Up and down, up and down, back and forth, back and forth.

Like the sad stars in the sky, like the happy moon, but,

somehow different. 

An endless pulse of beating energy, like a heart.

Then down it goes, losing energy by the seconds,

down to hit the burning desert floor.

Then being pulled back up, into the wind.

A heart beat going up and down.

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Ciel (Idiom Story)


I'm walking in the woods. It's raining and I'm headed to my house. My name is Avery. My dad, mom, twin sister Bethany and I all live in a house in the woods. One mile from our house there is a tree. It is the largest tree in Midnight Woods and it has a tree house in it built by my dad. When I step inside out house, I dump my stuff on the floor, along with my jacket, soaking wet. Summer is finally here. No more school. But here it rains 24/7, so summer isn't really a time for the pool or anything. We live in one of three houses in Midnight Woods, the others occupied by my friends, Amy and Lillian. Our houses are half a mile apart. And oh, I can walk on air.

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Cate (Personification Poem)

Drifting through dream state

Flowing and indistinct

I am awakened by screaming

It's my alarm clock

Squawking like a bird

"Get up!" it screeches

"Your late for schoo!" it hollers

I wish it owned a calendar

I wish it knew it was Sunday.


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Paola (Ode)

Ode to Island of the Aunts

your thin pages


a world of


all the aunts

with their



it's slippery



the sunlight