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Ode to a Dragon Fruit

Like it is day, but it tis night

you play, you are red and juicy

You are the great dragon fruit

You blow your fire at the weeds

so they will not take water and make you unable to grow.

One day you got sold at the market

You were sad like the swan who lost its feathers.

Then you got stewed and brewed 

and that was the end of the Dragon Fruit!



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Ode to Cherries

You are the color of dark roses.

Inside of you, you have a white heart

like a seed waiting to sprout.

You are in the shape of a very small apple

and your twin is esactly like you, red and juicy.


Ren (Descriptive passage about food)

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This chocolate cake you see has a nutty, minty and silky texture and taste to it. It had a sticky, buttery essence to it and a sugary sharpness. The icing is an oily, melting fresh taste. The swirls are peanut butter, and that is creamy and extremely delicious.



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Ode to Baguette

Your sourness

is beyond compare.

The crunchy shell

that you wear.

And your insides,

drying gel.

And you tell

of the dough,

the oven.

There is one

word that

describes you.

And that is




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Ode to Sushi

The outside of rice 

the inside of fish

your really are

a crazy dish.

Rice with scales

Fish like a pillow

Early morning a fresh start

A crown of fish eggs 

lay as bright as the sun

Orange and yellow

red and white

you are a very

cool sight.



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Ode to Donut

You are rounfd like a bird's nest 

comforting the babies

So lovely so full yet

missing something

A hole in the middle,

everyone loves you yet

you get blamed for so

many things

Many flavors

all personalities

A hole in the middle

taken from the start.

I sympathize with you

Take you

in my hands to comfort you

You are greasy



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