We'd like to entertain you with a few excerpts from our Fall session at McNear Elementary, including personal "I Am From" poems and stories inspired by photographs and newspaper headlines!

I Am From

I am from the sound of sirens going by.

I am from the smell of pancakes on the stove on a Sunday morning.

I am from the touch of my dog Moxie curled up against me, and my dog Brutus with his pushed-in snout.

I am from cream-colored walls greeting me in the morning.

I am from sushi—my favorite food on my birthday.

I am from trading all my Halloween candy after trick-or-treating.

I am from every Christmas when my family comes over.

I am from the Tahoe air greeting me when I ride in my car.

-Ella, grade 4


Story from a photograph: Young Elizabeth

Twelve-year-old Elizabeth Cole was a brave, bashful and delighted loyalist. When Elizabeth was nine there was war in England so she, her parents and her eleven-year-old sister Anabelle moved to safe Willamsburg, Virginia. She finds a new American friend named Felicity who goes to a mini class with tea and formal dancing with Elizabeth and Annabelle. Later the lord of England praised Elizabeth for her loyalty and bravery for war that she became princess of England. 72 years later she was married and became queen.

-Hana, grade 3


Describe objects you observe:

Pretty as a model. Lips as red as an apple. Eyes dark as night. Clothes: bowtie, flowers with stripes. – Babushka doll!

Shiny as silver. Rough as stone. Sort of smooth. Sharp as tree needles. – Film holder!

Wood and rough. Can be used for golf. – Meat tenderizer!

Navy blue, shiny and gold. Very fancy. Most of all very beautiful. – Ball mask!

-Haley, grade 3


Embellished sentences:

Harry strode into the pitch-black kitchen and turned on the lights. It was 1:04 a.m. and Harry was exhausted. His keen eyes trailed to the window. Harry spotted the yellow-tan moon. He looked at the fridge, debating whether or not he should get something. He decided to get some cheese. When he reached inside, a fat pig in diapers jumped on him!

-Wally, grade 4


I Am From

I am from the memory of my first baseball glove — I can remember orange and black — and the crack of a wood baseball bat.

I am from the touch of a wool blanket and leather chair in the office.

I am from baseball games every day, and the colors red and red-orange for the Giants and for the Reds.

I am from the smell of cookie dough and grilled sliders on the 4th of July.

I am from eating crab on Christmas Eve.

-Jackson, grade 4


Story from old photograph: Lucy

Once an old woman was sitting on the steps of the town square library. Her name was Lucy. Lucy had no husband or any kids. She spent all of her days at the library. However, one day she was not there. Everyone was so surprised. Lucy was at home creating a potion that would make her young again so she could get a handsome husband. However, when she drank it she turned into a cow. She was killed for her food and skin. The moral of the story is: Do not be greedy and want more than you already have or you will get something worse in return.

-Mia, grade 3


Story from a found object:

When I reached into my apron pocket I found my Babushka doll, Blossom. “What are you doing in here?” I wondered. By the look on her painted face I could tell she was sad. Her small green eyes were dropping and from a certain perspective she seemed to be frowning. “What’s wrong?” I asked her as I stepped outside from the patio. Her face seemed to be getting sadder and more desperate for happiness.

(To be continued…)

-Talula, grade 4