Check out what our talented kids at Sonoma Mountain Elementary have been up to this Fall!

Outdoor Listening Activity:

Wind that sounds like a waterfall.

Leaves rattling like a rattlesnake.

Flapping wings of a bird.

Swing, swinging in the wind, sounds like a bell ringing.

Wheels of a garbage can rolling.



I Am From

I am from my two crying sisters and loud barks of my blind dog barking at people outside.

I am from the great smell of my mom cooking giant meatballs for dinner.

I am from the feel of my ripped-up hands from gymnastics.

I am from making a cartwheel to making a back flip.

I am from hot pink socks and bright blue leotards.

I am from a bar that I swing on constantly.


Describe It (observation activity):

As smooth as a worm

Clattery as a metal

Too cold, just like the Arctic

As round as a wheel to a head

The great spiral stair as to the object.

(What is it? Metal film holder!)



Free Write

If I Could Go Anywhere in the Universe…

… I would go to a light pink oval-like circle. In the pink circle there are little fairies and when they dance they start to float in the air. Then when they are as high as they want they land on clouds that are made of marshmallows. When the fairies want to, they can nibble on the clouds.



Story from newspaper headline: Return of the Martians

In October 2012, a jumping man fell from the space line and broke the speed of sound. People thought he was a Martian. He was wearing a white suit with a black mask and a giant oxygen tank. He looked like a giant marshmallow falling from space. He spun, twirled, flipped, and went headfirst. People cried with fear. Was he really a jumping man or… a Martian?!?


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