This month as we celebrate and share our love with friends and family there is no better gift than the gift of words. Here are some ideas to inspire you to gift a world of words to give to those you love!

1. Re-write your own version of " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas", featuring members of your own family.


2. See how many words you can come up with that rhyme with mistletoe - now, write a poem using them.


3. Re-write "The 12 Days of Christmas", personalizing the lyrics to fit what you think your true love might give to you. (Magical stuff, not store-bought stuff!)


4. Make a list of the special gifts someone important in your life gives you (not things that are bought, but things like hugs, encouragement, recognition, etc.) Give the list to them!


And, to make your gifts even more special, visit and create simple hand-made books you featuring your own gifts of words!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at

"Take My Word For It!"