At Orinda's Wagner Ranch Elementary this spring, our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders used writing to explore the many aspects of flight, including the flight of bees, of Amelia Earhart and her plane, of Cupid’s arrow, and more.

Students were given the prompt "My Name Is..."

My name is the sound of running.
My name is made from the roar of a lion.
My name can be on the cover of a book.
If I lost my name I would name myself again.


My happiness is my name.
My name is made from the joy of other people.
My name can bring me joy.
My name means special.


Students used personification to think from the perspective of a bumblebee

The Map!

O.k. now let’s see, which path I should choose: the right one or the left one. Oh no! I forgot my annoying older brother must’ve taken my map while I was searching for nectar. Just in case, I am going to look in my backpack to make sure it is not hiding anywhere. OMG, I think I found it. Oh, wait, that’s not a map, that is just an old leaf. Boo. 


The Big Day

I woke up on the big day! I was so scared, I was going to compete against the fastest bee in the hive, plus I was in the biggest event in the year. “Bellabee!” Mom called. “It’s time to get ready!”


“Little does Speedbee know, he’s being lured into a trap! He starts panting and we take a break on a tree. The, wooooshh, my whole family is cheering me on and the end comes. At the end of the race, I win! Two months later, my waiter is Speedbee and all is well.”


Students wrote a list of things that take flight, then chose one to write as a poem or story.

Poem (About Pegasus)

All of the bright colors
Are mixed into one
The beautiful thing flies
Magically with grace


Students read the Cupid and Psyche myth & then wrote variations of their own and what happens when temptation & curiosity gets the better of one!

Cupid with a Twist
Instead of wings, he has a jet pack…also he has a Harry Potter wand.


What happened?

What happened to me was I was told not to look at my present. I did and it was the thing I really wanted but I got caught and didn’t get it. I learned to follow orders. So I ended up with a different but awesome day. But I still learned to never stop obeying your parents. I also learned that vanilla cake is yummy!


Our young writers at work- click on an image to see a larger version!