Every Wednesday our creative writing prompt encourages you to take up your pen and indulge your author self!

Today's prompt: Write a letter to the kid who will be sitting in your seat next year. Do you remember feeling nervous at the beginning of the school year? Maybe you feel comfortable and happy in your class now but are a little nervous about what your teacher and classroom will be like next year? One way to feel better is to pay it forward to the student who will be in your current class in the fall. 

In your letter, share some expert tips about what your teacher likes, the coolest thing you learned, the most fun field trips the student will take and which desk is the best.  Describe your favorite parts of the past year and let him/her know what to look forward to in the coming year. Maybe you will be lucky and someone will write you the same letter. Most of all, send good luck and remember, new beginnings can be funI

Share with us! Post your writing in the comments section of our blog! Better yet, share your letter with your teacher so they can pass it on.