The Art Edition:

On day 4 we finished our mixed media maps, using sharpie to accentuate the lines and then using watercolor and colored pencil to color it in.





Also, we looked at the work of artist Alexander Calder who is well known for his mobiles and started working on aluminum mobiles.




On to the Writing Edition:

On day four we discussed the idiom "flights of fancy" and using our imaginations came up with our own definitions of what a flight of fancy was to us!

Here are some excerpts:

At the top of the hill an ancient evil lives. Its claws as sharp as bolts of lightening, fur of fluffiness, and scales of poison. It is half dragon and half cat and it is destined to be defeated...



Ultra cat was facing one of Dr. Midas's creations: a robot of pure gold who would turn the entire city into gold. His paw blasts and telekinesis were no match for the 'bot's gold and diamond armor. He attacked the bot with paw blasts, threw cars at it, and used his super claws to slash up the bot. His ki was spent and he went back to the cat cave to think up a strategy...



I had never expected to find anything so I had no idea what to do when I found it.

It all started when I was taking my exploration route in Antarctica for the 48th time (and yes, I do count). I was trudging up the hill when I saw something zip down from the sky and land on the other side f the hill leaving a streak of blueberries behind it...