So far it's been a great, fun week. 
Day 1
We made sketchbooks for students to use throughout the week.



Sculptures of insects with a focus on bees. Some chose to make diorama environments for them. Notice Claire's "pirate bee."


Day 2
We looked at various pictures of found object sculpture and talked about why artists might used found or recycled materials to make art. Then we made a sculpture of something that flies and wrote artist's statement. We also talked about the Studio Habits of Mind developed by Harvard researchers ( - for more info) and used them as a framework to talk about the process of creating the sculptures.





Day 3
We looked at abstract artist, Cy Twombly and prepared paper to finish tomorrow for our theme, "Flights of Fancy."
We talked about Amelia Earhart and exploration. Then made paper airplanes.
Finally we started mixed media maps that could be of real, emotional or imaginary places.