We're off to a great start with a great bunch at Piedmont Parks and Rec!

Exploring the theme of flight through art and writing, we've dipped our wings into personification and pondered what it might be like to fly. Here are some of the fanciful notions that were written today!


by Claire

She plummets in pieces

he explodes in color

they rise and fall

they dance to the beat

of the cheers

she twirls

he leaps

and the crowd goes wild.

the people all watch in

amazement as the dancers


costumes of color

and a background of black

even the stars are jealous

even the moon draws back

even music is shy as the

fireworks fly



by Kedar

It's fun to fly. I get caught almost every time, except with the dogs--that is very unpleasant, especially with retrievers. I get gnawed, chewed, and riped, spit and slobber all over me. Again flying is fun. I mean I feel like a butterfly flapping its wings. Flying wherever it wants.


Solar Flare

by Aden

I am always overheated, wrapped in yellow white clothes hurtling toward the ground at unimaginable speeds. Suddenly I am ripped apart by earth's magnetic field. Ripped apart painfully to be exact. I was a fighter. The last thing I remember was the earth going black.



by Jaden

The wind is moving while I am trying to fly. It takes a lot of effort. I can see everything from a whole different view. Everything looks smaller. I smell everything in town that is cooking. I hear kids yelling, store sellers screaming, and a whole lot of talking by the villagers down below. They all look so puny. On some days it feels the same as the villagers feel down below. Some a little hotter. Some a little windier. I fly like an airplane below the clouds. I fly anywhere, anytime. I am so high up. I can do a couple tricks and breath fire anywhere, anytime. But you can't see my shadow at all. Also, I really don't like the smell of the library.


Snitch (an excerpt)

by Sara

It folds its wings crisply against

its skin as it ceases to fly.

It knows it's time to settle down

to wait for a week to pass

to wait to fly once more.



by Paul

I am invincible to everything except water. I have to watch my weight or else I die. Sunny days I grow fluffier and windy days I get cut into tiny pieces. I see thousands of others like me yet none exactly the same. I see mountains, grassy fields, airplanes and helicopters cutting up my friends. I see trees, flowers, lakes, buildings, and people. I see fluffy clouds and wispy clouds, big clouds and small clouds, low clouds and high clouds.