Creeeek...I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night screaming AAAAA!

But when I got out of bed I heard a noise downstairs. I tiptoed to the bottom of the steps and I saw the fridge open and the tomato sauce was out and the mustard. And the radishes, cucumbers, lettuce, and the ice, and everything was out.

All the food started moving. They started fighting. The ketchup squirted everything. Then the blue police potatoes said “Clean up!” because it was morning. Then my mom came and said “Did you clean the kitchen?”  That was a mystery.



My name is Maison and I am in my secret hideout where I found a dinosaur book. This is the story.

I don't know if I can time travel. Can you help me? You see, right now you are on a hill. Ah! There's a dinosaur here!!!!

“Oh, hi Maison,” came a voice form the dinosaur. It's a girl. She has a secret name but nobody knows; her name is Meeeeeeee. Meeeeeeee can give me a ride to the talking rock. The talking rock can tell me the answer to everything but all he said was “Look down for a cool clue.”

I looked down, found a clue, read it, and it said “You.” That's it. Then I fell into a bush. And guess where the next clue was? Right beside  me and it said “can time.”

 “That's confusing,” I said. So I got out of the bush and suddenly I found a cave. I looked inside and there was the third clue. It said “travel.” Right next to that, it said “Put all these clues together and you can time travel!”




Bella's Poem

My secret is made from noise flame.
It slides through the buttery pan.
It is as cheesy as a cheese ball.
It can have great taste.

I found it at an ancient anchor down below.
There were 85 of them holding on to the anchor.

Some will float away.

Some will get slurped up.

My secret can turn invisible.
It can jump the Great Wall of China.
It can run a thousand miles per minute.

It eats 20 gigantic crispy meals a day.

If my secret gets lost
the whole universe will die.
They would be starving in the city.
They would die.