We have nine curious and creative girls ready to launch into a week of creativity inspired by the concepts of lost, found, scavenger hunting and treasure!

On Day One, we started off by inviting each camper to select a special box, we are calling their "Scavenger Box" (in keeping with our theme of Found Treasures and Scavenger Hunts). Inside each box is an assortment of objects and photos meant to evoke a story - a story they're composing that's based on a character they're creating who is the box's owner.

We also listened to a radio documentary piece from a radio program on NPR called "Radiolab". It's a strange tale of two girls who through a twist of fate end up meeting and discover they not only look, sound and act alike, but also both have the same name: Laura Buxton. (If you're curious to hear more, the link to the story is: http://www.radiolab.org/2009/jun/15/a-very-lucky-wind/). After listening to the story the writing prompt was to write about your own (imagined) long lost twin.

Galen, Kyra, Xochtl, Amy, Katie, Esme, Sadie, Gillian, Emma

Galen, Kyra, Xochtl, Amy, Katie, Esme, Sadie, Gillian, and Emma




Our art afternoon was all about "scavenging" to create a Journal/ Sketchbook  from a variety of recycled papers, fabric, envelope making and many creative ideas from our students. Everyone enjoyed collaging from all the materials and Whew! We made a paper mess- but with group collaboration  we agreed that a major clean-up was worth the fun of the mess!