Today we went on a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood! The girls were divided into pairs and after looking at some wonderful photographs of "found" letters from the alphabet and "found" faces online, their task was to choose one of the two categories and then photograph as many letters or faces as they could find. (Tomorrow, we'll continue with Part 2 of that project.) 

We also spent time working on the "Scavenger Box" and the "Long Lost Twin" stories from yesterday.






Then, before the students left for their lunch break they all wrote messages about a treasure they found and Laurie put them in mini bottles.  Laurie hid some on the stairway near the park and Kyra hid the rest in the park. Before we returned we had a scavenger hunt to find the hidden bottles- FUN! Our afternoon art project was making recycled sculptures of characters or animals from items Laurie scavenged like T.P. rolls, coffee cans, lids, clothespins etc. and some of the students painted their sculpture . Check out the photos of the finished creations!


IMG_0190 IMG_0191